Groups taking part

There's no current star team - as soon as sponsorship starts trickling in, we'll showcase the most successful group(s) here.

Team List
1Salt and Pepper£0.00114 miles
2Orientation Lost£0.00111 miles
3Forever Blowing Bubbles£0.00111 miles
4The Powerpuff Girls£0.00111 miles
5Project Nim£0.00111 miles
6North by Northwest£0.00111 miles
7The Warwick Nomads£0.00111 miles
8The Bodacious Trysexual Hump Patrol£0.00111 miles
9Home Sweet Home£0.00111 miles
10Witty Name£0.00111 miles
11where r h£0.00111 miles
12#OBlock£0.0074 miles
13"Hold on, we're going home"£0.0074 miles
14FAS£0.0074 miles
15Bride and Prejudice£0.0047 miles
16Loxley Sexy Party£0.0047 miles
17Two Blind Mice and a Giraffe£0.0047 miles
18I lost my number, can I have yours?£0.0047 miles
19The Hiking Vikings£0.0036 miles
20Salty£0.0036 miles
21Wrong Direction£0.000 miles
22Illegal Diesel£0.000 miles
23Long Tom Silver and his bird£0.000 miles
Warwick Lost 2014 has raised


for its beneficiary charities.

Key Points

PricesRegistration: £22.00

FundraisingRaise £50.00

When?22nd - 23rd February 2014

CharitiesBath Place Community Venture

TeamsMin 2, Max 5

ConstraintsYou must be at least 18 years old
 International Hitch participants require:
 - a valid passport;
 - EHIC or equivalent health insurance; and
 - a credit/debit card that functions abroad.

Questions?Try the FAQ or get in touch

Important Dates


February 2014, 12:00 pm
Sign up opens


February 2014, 9:00 pm
Sign up closes


February 2014, 9:00 am
The Big Day!