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Our in-house, custom built registration system and complementary payment portal has been developed specifically for charity challenge bookings. We can deploy this tool to assist with all manner of charity events and can tailor its modules to meet your needs. Its ever increasing list features include:


We want to be able to handle your challenge - no matter how complex it is on paper. At the very simplest level, we can offer individual challenges available for sign-up indefinitely or define set events to unite your supporters on the big day. Our registration system can cater for multiple start locations or challenge providers and can specify different prices, different restrictions and offer different activities at each one. We can even recommend nearby locations based on the participant's postcode.

Whether you want to have one set date, a pre-set list of date options to select from or want the big day choice to be up to the participant, e-Registration takes care of this with ease. We'll also specify sponsorship deadlines and goal posts on this basis. Whilst we can offer our full list of registered charities for any challenge, you may already have a list of beneficiary charities to raise for. We can restrict the charity listings to your specification, and share participant information with charities directly if the participant provides consent.

Facebook Integration

It's easy for Facebook users to sign up to challenges and events without needing to create a new account with us, thanks to the brand new Facebook Graph API. In addition to providing basic user data and authentication facilities, we can also import profile pictures and post updates to the walls of event participants, promoting the fundraising work of the participant and increasing exposure to their chosen charity.


We can process payments for registrations, deposits, balances and anything else you can think of, in Pounds, Dollars or Euros (country dependent). Our payment portal is a great alternative to using a system like PayPal or Google Checkout, as we can often beat their transaction rates with our entire service fee.

As well as complying with Distance Selling Regulations, our transactions carry ECI Flags and utilise Visa 3D Secure and MasterCard SecureCode verification systems. We process payments instantaneously on our extended security SSL certificated, AES-256 bit encrypted server, using HSBC's Secure e-Payments service. Our payment portal is PCI DSS compliant and undergoes regular vulnerability scanning.

Networks and Teams

Often corporate and university based events like to be able to restrict participants to their own “network” i.e. their employees or students. We do this by only admitting users with accepted email addresses. For example, The Great Warwick Jump is restricted to those with an @warwick.ac.uk address. A confirmation code is sent via email to supplied @warwick.ac.uk addresses, verifying the participant's affiliation with the “network”. We'll always allow “network exemption” requests, for family members or friends of participants. It's then up to the event organisers as to whether to grant them or not.

Aside from challenges that require team entries, in general we find that people love charity challenges the most when enjoyed with friends. Rather than having to manually group entries together after sign-up has closed, e-Registration offers a “Teams” module. Participants can search for existing teams or create their own - new team members can be moderated by “Team Captains” through their challenge control panel. We can set maximum team sizes per challenge and also define whether there is a male/female ratio required in the team structure.

White Label

Whilst we host and operate all event sign-up systems centrally, they can be branded and customised on an individual basis. We can keep the entire sign-up process in line with your own brand identity at no extra cost, using the Choose a Challenge systems as white-labelled platform.

Mobile Number Validation

Tired of finding out you've not got a valid mobile number when you need it most? Either due to incorrect entry, or a transcription error, this is a frequent complaint from event managers. e-Registration can help. Aside from basic data sanity checks, we'll send a confirmation code via SMS to the participant's phone. This code has to be entered to continue sign-up. If we've previously verified a number then we won't waste credits checking again, but will keep it on file for all their challenges booked through us.

Admin Panel

Full control and overview of your event's current status is provided through a restricted access admin panel. This tool can be used to contact participants via email and SMS, generate and view reports, approve “Network Exemptions”, review transaction and contact history and edit blog posts.

Consent for Minors

For challenges open to under 18s, we ensure to comply with regulation regarding minors: hence the parental consent module. For participants whose dates of birth indicate their minor status, we gather information from their parent or guardian before taking the booking. Any ensuing paperwork will be pre-populated with this information, ready for the parent or guardian's signature.

Additional Products

If you don't want transport or a t-shirt to be included as standard, or you just want to offer some extra products to challenge participants, we can help. “Additional Products” can be added to the Shopping Basket at the end of sign-up, or at any point after registration. You can also specify options for these products (e.g. clothing size, transport collection point). All sales are recorded in the event managers admin panel.

IoF Compliancy

As a proud member of the Institute of Fundraising, we make certain to abide by their Codes of Conduct and Fundraising Practice. Our e-Registration system reflects this compliancy, abiding with the codes to ask the right questions, protecting both event organisers and participants.

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If you'd like to find out more about how the Choose a Challenge e-Registration System can help your event, or discuss pricing options, please contact us.