Motivational Tips from Our Team

Lucy says, 'podcasts, podcasts, podcasts! Having a podcast you enjoy that you'll only listen to whilst you run is really great motivation to get you outside! You'll be able to train for the marathon, and also listen to a new episode! My top recommendation is My Dad Wrote a Porno, it'll keep you smiling as you go!'

Naomi recommends changing up your route. "You shouldn't always run the same route. Use the Map My Run app to find good local routes in your area. You can also try running a normal route backwards.'

Sam recommends giving yourself something to look forward to after you've finished your run. 'Knowing at the end of my run I'll be able to go and see some friends, or have a really tasty dinner, really helps me keep going.' 

Molly says you should always train with a friend. 'Having a friend alongside you whilst you train will really encourage you. You'll both be able to push each other to keep training - you won't want to cancel your runs as you don't want to let each other down!' 

Tom suggests getting yourself a treat every time you hit a new running milestone. 'Each time you manage to go 5km further, get yourself a little treat.'