Introducing Your Marathon Reps!

Running a marathon is no easy feat, most will never even attempt one. These heroes have not only caught the marathon bug themselves, but have stepped forward to support out budding marathon runners in their life-changing runs. With less than two months to go until our marathon departures, it's time to introduce this year's marathon reps!


Pete is an avid runner and fundraiser, having run 21 half marathons, 6 marathons and a plethora of other running events including Tough Mudder and an Olympic Triathlon. He spent four years at Exeter RAG, with one year as president. 

The Bilbao Night Marathon is absolutely electric from start to finish. Pete will be providing advice and guidance throughout the weekend, using his experience of the course to benefit the keen runners who will follow in his footsteps. More importantly, he'll be on hand on race day to cheer the team on!

Pete, on his upcoming trip to Bilbao, says:

"I am very excited to take an amazing group of charity runners out to Bilbao to do potentially their first marathon! I did mine through CaC back in 2015, and also did Bilbao in 2017, so I know how life changing this is; Not only for those running it, but for the lives changed as a result of the money fundraised for Hope for Children and Meningitis Research Foundation. Hopefully they can continue their good work with running and I look forward to taking them out to Bilbao to have some tapas, see the Guggenheim and run a marathon!"



Often labelled the real photogenic marathon guy, Connor has run the Budapest Marathon in 2015, Athens Marathon in 2016 and Amsterdam Marathon in 2017 - three years on the trot! Returning to Budapest this year will mean he's come full circle and will return to where it all started... 

Connor, a student at the University of Warwick, will be working alongside both Pete and Harry, in Bilbao and Budapest respectively.

On his trip to Budapest, Connor says:

"As an ICO, I can't wait to get out to Budapest/Bilbao to meet this year's amazing teams who are going to smash the marathons. I know from experience that a marathon weekend is full of tough challenges. But nothing worth doing is easy and we will be there making sure you're feeling the best you can every step of the way ( all ~55,000 of them)! Whether you're running Buda or Bilbao, crossing that finish line will be the best feeling in the world and one you will never forget. It'll be a massive pleasure for me to see all your hard work come together and those targets tumbling down!"


A student at the University of Nottingham, Harry has completed the Nottingham Half Marathon, the Barcelona Marathon and the Nottingham Varsity Triathlon! He is also training for the Athens Authentic Marathon this year. 

Harry says: 

"There are very few moments that can compete with crossing the finish line of your very first marathon. After finishing the 2017 Barcelona marathon, I can remember spending what felt like an hour lying on my back with a freshly popped bottle of cheap prosecco next to me and an immense feeling of achievement. My legs did forgive me…eventually! And I am now very excited and proud to be supporting this year’s group of students undertaking the Budapest Marathon in October.

I’m eagerly counting down the days until everyone will be stood at the start line, positioned in the impressive Hero’s square, after all the training is complete and the fundraising targets have been met and everyone is ready to reach a new milestone in life and join the marathon club."


If you fancy marathon repping, we'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at for more information.

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