Everything you need to know about the Tanzanian Plastic Bag Ban

What you need to know about the plastic ban in Tanzania and some tips to help you pack for your trip.

It’s time to rethink your packing strategy!

It was announced that starting June 1st 2019, the government of Tanzania will be enforcing a total ban on the "import, export, manufacture, selling, storing, distribution, supply, possession and use" of plastic bags and plastic wrappings. The new legislation applies to mainland Tanzania, although similar (marginally less strict) legislation already exists in Zanzibar.

On paper, this is a big win for the environment, but Choose a Challenge participants need to be aware of this change and how the ban may affect your preparations for your Kilimanjaro trip. While we suspect this law will apply more liberally to tourists than local Tanzanian people, there are a range of potential fines you could face if you’re caught using or improperly disposing of plastic bags in Tanzania.

For further details the full press release can be found by clicking here.

How will this affect my trip to Tanzania?

Need to know information:

  • According to the press release, visitors are “…advised to avoid carrying plastic carrier bags or packing plastic carrier bags or items in plastic carrier bags in the suitcase or hand luggage before embarking on visit to Tanzania.”

  • There will be a station once you arrive in-country at all points of entry to surrender any items like these

  • “ZIPLOC BAGS” FOR TOILETRIES: According to the press release, “…carrier items known as “ziploc bags” that are specifically used to carry toiletries WILL BE PERMITTED as they are expected to remain in the permanent possession of visitors and are not expected to be disposed of in-country.” This is a major relief for anyone with prior travel experience who may have used ziploc bags as a way to store personal toiletries, however this should be the extent of your plastic carrier possessions while traveling.

What are some storage alternatives that I can use for my packing?

Here are some useful articles that offer a few alternatives to using plastic bags for storage:

You can always contact our team with any other questions and we’ll try our best to help you navigate your packing strategy.