Information Regarding delays at Lukla

(Updated 16th September 2018, 07:19 BST)

Unfortunately some of our Everest Base Camp groups were delayed in Lukla due to cancelled flights as a result of inclement weather in the region.

We know this was an inconvenience to participants and their families and we have been working hard with our ground agent and in-country staff to help get all affected participants back home ASAP.

We appreciate your continued patience whilst we assist the groups in returning safely home.

All participants are now out of Lukla. Please see below for details for all groups.

Summary of information for remaining groups:

We’re really sorry that you were delayed in Lukla which had a knock-on affect on your in-country itinerary. We hope that you are still able to look back on your challenge fondly, and the life-changing experience of visiting Everest Base Camp has not been dampened by the delays on your return.

For costs incurred whilst stuck in Lukla you should be able to make a claim with your insurer, pending receipts. If you need letters of proof, please get in contact with our team via the email address below. Please note that helicopter flights are almost always non-claimable unless they are deemed medically necessary by the insurer.

Return travel to the UK

All participants who remain in Kathmandu and have been affected by the weather in Lukla have now been allocated replacement return flights, the details of which have been emailed to them.

These replacement flights were booked in order, based on who had been stuck in Lukla the longest. Whilst we appreciate that some students may be disappointed that their flights are not for another day or two, these group reallocations covered all of the seats available on the next several flights with the airline at the time. We encourage all participants to make the most of their remaining time in Kathmandu if at all possible.

We are not able to make changes to reallocated flights.

Our 24h emergency line

We operate our emergency line as a support link for participants who require urgent assistance in the event of an emergency. If you call the emergency line to address other queries, we risk missing the opportunity to assist in cases of genuine emergency which may be extremely serious. If your query is not an emergency, please direct it to our normal office number (during UK office hours) or to

Please be aware that we reserve the right to remove from the trip any participant who is abusive towards our staff, either whilst in communication with our London HQ or in-country. We also reserve the right to report incidents of abuse towards our staff to Student Unions or universities if deemed necessary.

Each of our staff has been working extremely hard around the clock to provide a solution to the unavoidable delays in Lukla, and your continued patience is appreciated while we work to bring everybody home.

Should you have any questions or issues, please contact us at

Please note that if you are requesting further information via email, our team may not be able to provide any more information than is posted in our online updates.

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