Tips From the Choose a Challenge Team



1. Water, water, water. From my experience, I have found that more often than not headaches caused whilst trekking come from a lack of water rather than altitude and drinking more can be just as effective as taking a few paracetamol. You will be trekking (and sweating) in warm temperatures for long periods of time so make sure you are drinking little and often the whole way to replenish your fluids and keep you going!

2. Little layers. You don’t want to be too hot with your big jacket on and too cold with your big jacket off. Layer up with thinner layers, T-shirts, base layers and fleeces and this will really help you to find your perfect temperature.

3. Be bold, start cold. It may be a bit chilly for the first 10 mins of walking but you will quickly warm up. I always prefer to start a bit cold and warm up than being boiling after 10 mins and having to stop and de-layer just as I have got into the rhythm.

4. Look after your electronics. Anyone with an iPhone will know they don’t like being cold, keep your devices warm and on airplane more overnight to their preserve battery. Also, USB battery packs and solar chargers are super useful in making sure that you can get those all important pictures.



1. Go at your own pace. This can apply to both running a marathon and taking on a trek. You are running your own race and no one else’s. Take it one step at a time Slow and steady wins the race remember.

2. Make sure you have a good playlist/great podcasts. There is only one way to get through the tough times of your challenge. A great playlist or podcast. Make sure you put your favorite songs towards the end of your playlist as this will give you a much-needed boost.

3. Get a good nights sleep. This can be hard with lots of excitement and nerves but getting a good nights sleep makes all the difference. Your body and mind feel rested and ready to take on your challenge ahead.



1. Ginger Nuts. Ginger is proven to help nausea, so I always recommend taking some ginger nuts, which are a tastier alternative to ginger/ginger tea and still can help if you get an upset stomach!

2. Choose the right water bottle. Take a water bottle with you that can hold hot water too (I have several Nalgenes I take on every trek!). That way, when you go to bed at night you can use it as a hot water bottle too- and then you have water ready to drink/use in the morning.

3. Practice walking with a weight. The thing I found most difficult, especially doing Kilimanjaro was the weight from my bag on my back. Looking back, I wish I’d practiced walking with my bag with the water in it a lot more to prevent the aches it caused.

4. Mosquito repellent. I didn’t get as affected by mosquito bites in Tanzania, so I didn’t bother with repellent when I went out to Peru- this was rather stupid and I had many sleepless nights itching which really made the whole trek more challenging. I also didn’t bother with repellent when I went out to Tanzania for a second time, this again was a big mistake, I was plagued with bites. So I’d recommend taking repellent and an ammonia stick to relieve any bites!

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