How to Track your Trip this Summer!

This Summer, you can track each of our trips as our intrepid students head out on their challenges!

Whether you're a student hoping to share your trip, or a parent checking in on your son or daughter, with our tools to track your trip, you'll be able to keep in touch with each group as they travel the world with us.



First, know your hashtag:

(*some hashtags don't start at #01 because our groups from Choose a Challenge USA also use the same system!)













7th June 2018

27th August 2018

28th August 2018

29th August 2018

31st August 2018

1st September 2018

3rd September 2018









22nd August 2018

28th August 2018

29th August 2018

31st August 2018

1st September 2018

2nd September 2018

3rd September 2018

4th September 2018







28th August 2018

30th August 2018

1st September 2018

3rd September 2018

4th September 2018

5th September 2018









21st June 2018 Morocco High Atlas

3rd July 2018 Three Peaks

10th July 2018 Three Peaks

28th August 2018 Iceland: Fire & Ice

28th August 2018 Guatemala Volcano Trek



How to follow your group's hashtag:

Once you know the hashtag for the group you want to track, you need to know where to go to see their updates!

We will be posting regular updates from each group to social media. By clicking your group's hashtag, you'll be able to see all posts relating to that group - and you'll be able to follow their trip, day-by-day.



STEP 1:    Follow us on Instagram!

STEP 2:    Check out our regular Instagram stories from in-country!

STEP 1:    Head over to our Facebook page and give us a 'like'!

STEP 2:    We'll post daily updates throughout the Summer departures season.



STEP 1:    Follow us on Twitter!

STEP 2:    Our In-Country Operatives will be posting regular tweet updates.

STEP 1:   For parents: check out the Parents' Survival Guide.

STEP 2:   If you still have concerns, pop us an email.*


*Please note that sometimes, no news is good news! Due to the nature of our challenges, there can be stretches of 24 hours or more where there are no updates from a group. This is not unusual!

Remember the Content Competition!

This year, our annual Content Competition is returning once again, with exclusive prizes on offer, for the winners of each category - best Photo, Video and Blog.  Be sure to check out the blog below to see the full details, prizes on offer, and take a look at last year's winners!


Problems tracking your trip, or worries about your son or daughter on their challenge?

Just get in contact with us! Our friendly team will be happy to help.

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