AiDS Orphan are a UK-based charity striving to empower children with HIV. We work across the world to support and provide for children and infants who have been infected and affected by the HIV/AiDS crisis. We enable access to life-saving treatment, education, medical support and counselling.


Your support matters.

Since our foundation 10 years ago, AiDS Orphan have successfully installed and funded numerous Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC) across sub-Saharan Africa. We recognise the importance of providing this access to quality early childhood services to children, in order to promote their intellectual, physical, and social development. It allows us to ensure they have a healthy, happy quality of life and are no longer shouldering the burden of a HIV diagnosis alone. Our students this year have been able to follow our most recent build of the Ahero ECDC in Kisumu County, Kenya, which has now reached completion. It has been an incredibly inspiring experience for them to see exactly how the money they have been fundraising has been changing the lives of countless children at Ahero, both now and in the generations to come.

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Phone: 020 7624 3011


The student team at AiDS Orphan were incredibly supportive. They organised countless fundraising opportunities throughout the year and were always on hand to offer 1-2-1 support. They are so passionate about their work and I really valued getting to contribute to it.
— Kilimanjaro participant, 2019


You can opt to fundraise for AiDS Orphan on one of our Open trips. See the respective challenge landing pages for more details.

Still don’t know what charity to support?

If you’re still unsure of which charity to choose to support, that’s not a problem! We’d recommend getting in touch with each charity that you’d like to support. They’ll be able to discuss how they’ll be able to support you on your journey, and what your money will be going towards.