Are you interested in working with Choose a Challenge?

Although our partnerships are normally student led, we are always looking to work with charities who are open to increasing their fundraising revenue through international challenge events. 


what does a partnership involve?

At choose a challenge we work with a set group of charities year on year. This way we can ensure that our high standards are achieved across the board and that all students receive a high level of care. Similarly it allows us to work in true partnership with our partners to create meaningful and lasting relationships.


How does this actually work?

We run the recruitment and the adventures. You support your fundraisers to take on the challenge of a lifetime. The costs are covered by the participants registration fees and 50% of the minimum fundraising targets and that's about it.

But seriously... It's not a long, complicated or expensive process and if you are passionate about your cause, experienced in event led fundraising and work for a cause that you think students would love to support, we'd love to hear from you. It's all rather simple to get involved and If you are interested in becoming a beneficiary charity either email or fill in the form below. 

What sort of commitment does this involve?

From over a decade of experience and working with numerous charities we understand that most fundraisers are constantly being pushed to meet expanding targets and staff time is often the most valuable commodity. As such we take a lot of the hard work out of managing a challenge team. Our team holds the expertise in marketing, participant care and naturally takes on full liability for the challenge events themselves.

In saying this, we know that it is you, the charity, who knows the in's and out's of the cause and holds the expertise when it comes to raising money and motivating your fundraisers. We support all our participants to a high standard throughout the process however our most successful partners are those who actively engage with their student supporters to expand their knowledge about the cause and inspire them to become a part of the charity family. In essence, If you want to engage with student fundraisers and are willing to really passionately inspire your supporters and build a base of committed fundraisers, we'd love to hear from you.

Do we already need to run our own Peer to Peer events?

If you already have an established peer to peer support network within your charity, this is great as you will have all the skills and experience to deliver an exceptional experience to our participants and fit them seamlessly into your current supporter care offering. If P2P events are a new area for you, this doesn't mean we wouldn't look to work with you, as long as you are passionate about providing high quality care and information to our students we'd happily work with you and develop your P2P offering over the partnership. 

Do we need to already work in the student sector?

Naturally, having pre established links with students is a bonus, but the elves as Choose a Challenge HQ constantly work away at securing new relationships across the North East. It is much more important for us that your brand and cause is one that students will be able to relate to.

How do overseas challenge events impact our financial performance metrics?

We a currently refining a unique fundraising platform that means that you will only receive the net funds from our challenge events (an amount which is never less than 50% of the total fundraising target) however due to the costs involved in implementing this system we ask all our partners to go through an initial trial year where funds are raised through a platform of their choice and then the balances are paid to Choose a Challenge.  Therefore we forecast 50% percent profit to the cause in the first 12 months, raising to closer to 95% through the remainder of the partnership.

How ethical are your challenges?

In an ideal world, every penny raised for charity would go towards the cause, however this is never going to be a realistic aim, with staff to pay, initiatives to fund and advertising bills to foot. Our challenges raise millions for charities year on year and motivate thousands of new fundraisers to take up philanthropy across the North East. We very clearly market our challenges are 50/50 challenge where a set amount of 50% of the minimum fundraising target covers costs. We have no hidden fees or charges and pride ourselves on holding an ethical and transparent travel and sales policy when it comes to working with our suppliers and clients overseas and at home. We are proud members of both the Institute of Fundraising and a memeber of Tourism Concerns Ethical Tour Operator Group.

Dan Pallotta has been a huge influence on the team behind Choose a Challenge and it seems to apt to think on his words; 'If you kill innovation in fundraising, you can't raise more revenue; if you can't raise more revenue, you can't grow; and if you can't grow, you can't possibly solve large social problems.'

The perfect partner in three words.

Innovative, Passionate & Driven.

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“Over the last year Choose a Challenge have provided a fantastic service for The Children’s Society and for our participants. For us, they are not just a logistics company, they are a company that provides support, advice, and they genuinely care for their students and the causes they help. From running participatory workshops with student groups to improve their services, to providing quality training days for challenge leaders, it is clear they put students and charities at the heart of their business. ”
— Stephanie Drummond - The Children’s Society