January Newsletter

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Happy New Year Everybody!

Welcome to our first ever edition of The Challenge Leader Newsletter. We'll be publishing a newsletter each month to update you on what the team have been up to, as well as what you could be focussing on this month to best support your team in their Challenge journey. 

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Your New Leader Forum

We've been busy putting together your brand new Leader Forum. After plenty of discussion within the team and with our leaders, on how we could be best supporting our leaders we decided this was the best way forward.
Everyone wants to do their best to support their team and prepare them for their challenge. We want to give you the best support for you to do so, keep an eye on the forum for discussion points, tips and of course your monthly newsletter too. 
If you have anything you'd like to discuss in the forum, please feel free to post a question or discussion point! Or message us and we can post some top tips too. We are also looking at having leader catch ups in the next month so keep an eye out for more details to book your slot. 

Extension Trip Recruitment Discount

All of you should have now received a message from your account manager to introduce the extension trip recruitment discount. We'd love to have more of our fantastic participants on board for our exciting extension trips at the end of their challenge. And we'd love even more to offer our wonderful leaders the chance to have a discount on their own extension trip too in return for convincing their team to come along with them on a trip of a lifetime. 

So, you want to get the discount, but how can you promote the extension trips? We have listed a couple of tips below. 
1. Pin our post to the top of your Facebook group so the team have access to the information.
2. Speak to your team individually about the trip, and how exciting it will be! Sometimes, people are hesitant to sign up if they don't know anyone going so if you pop a message like the lovely Laura did this week (see right) it could encourage more to get involved.
3. Share our extension information packs and extension trip blogs which can be found on our website here. Or ask your account manager for more information. 
4. Get signed up yourself and more importantly get excited, this excitement should pass onto the rest of your team too!

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What are you up to this month? 

A lot of you may just be at the start of your Challenge Leader journey and getting ready to get your team together. If you are, that's fantastic and we're going to be here for you every step of the way. If you haven't already, make sure you've read our Challenge Leader Information Pack (which you can find on the forum) and ensure you've run through your trello board plans with your RAG too.
Those who already have your team together, start organising some training events and socials to get everyone bonded and motivated to take a challenge on! Check out James & Erika's ideas below for some inspiration. In the next few months we'll also be introducing Challenge Leader Workshops that will help you prepare your team for getting the right kit, and doing the right training too (for both marathons and treks)!

What are we up to this month? 
As the month goes on, we are going to be moving in to the start of our recruitment season! An exciting and busy time, kicking off on the 23rd in Edinburgh. As well as travelling up and down the UK to recruit new teams, we are also working to support our current teams by writing lots of helpful blogs, check them out here.  Individually, we are also focussing on a couple of other exciting things:
Molly and Naomi are busy trying to recruit new leaders for Bilbao and Budapest marathons. If you have any friends that could be interested in taking on the challenge leader role at another university, get in touch! Molly's also busy putting the final plans together for our Launch Party on the 16th. It's usually a great chance to meet your fellow challengers from across the UK and get to know our team better too. Check out our Facebook event here and make sure you invite your team. 
Sam has been busy making the information about our trips and extension options easier to read and access for our participants. Lucy has been putting together our participant journey, making the emails that will be going out to our teams in the next few months helping them to get their visas, vaccinations, kit and more. As well as keeping our Facebook Forums up to date, keep an eye out on the Marathon Forum and the Trekking Forum for tips to help your team. Lucy and Sam are also currently training for the Paris marathon in April, you can find their latest blog about how their training is going here.

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Challenge Leaders of the month!

Our first Challenge Leaders of the month go to Erika and James. They've managed to recruit a fantastic group of participants from Aberdeen & Robert Gordon Universities. 

James & Erika have been organising some great socials for their team already. Socials are a great way to keep motivation up with all participants, as ultimately, if they know they are going to be heading out with a group of friends they'll be more likely to stay motivated to reach their fundraising target. So far, they've organised group get-togethers in their flat where everybody can talk about the trek and get excited. They even had a social in a local Nepalese restaurant back in December to really prepare for Nepalese cuisine. 

Erika & James have recently organised a social that will be both fun, and good training for the challenge too. They're heading to a local climbing wall before having a chilled evening with the team. What a fantastic way to break the ice, train for the challenge and get excited for base camp.  

Amazing work so far James & Erika - THANK YOU! 

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