October Newsletter

All of you are doing an absolutely awesome job with getting you teams together. Before we get into the nitty gritty of this newsletter, the entire Choose a Challenge team would like to say a massive thank you to all you guys, leaders and RAGs - you’ve been stellar. That aside, the end of recruitment season is in sight! And this newsletter will reflect that, with some insights from our side on how the season has gone so far, and what to look forward to when the recruitment dust has settled.


It’s been a month of hard work and non-stop promo/follow-up from leaders up and down the country, and we are so, SO happy with the hard graft you’ve all put in.


Holly Rabson, Lancaster University (Machu Picchu)

Having applied as an independent leader, Holly has been absolutely sensational in her efforts as a challenge leader so far. She’s gone above and beyond expectations throughout the recruitment season. Not only has she fulfilled all of the tick-boxes for a busy information meeting room, but she secured a place on student radio AND student TV broadcasting to promote the Machu Picchu trek. Holly was able to get over 30 (!) people in both her afternoon and evening information meeting rooms (pictured right) - an absolutely cracking effort.


Sam Davies & Matt Lyons, Birmingham RAG (Kilimanjaro)

Lucie Rowley, Southampton RAG (Kilimanjaro)

Rory Cardy, Hope Lushington, Chris Thompson, Loughborough RAG (Everest Base Camp)

Tom Savory & James Timothy, Bangor University (Kilimanjaro)

Beckie Morris, Cardiff University (Kilimanjaro)

Holly’s afternoon information meeting room

Holly’s afternoon information meeting room


With some teams fully recruited, and some yet to hit their information meetings, here’s our round-up of the season so far:

The Story so Far…

October started with a super busy week! The team were travelling far and wide to both well familiar and equally unknown places across the country, with the highlight surely being our lovely brand ambassador Kieran’s smashing performance at Bangor’s two information evenings. The team have now almost hit 40 sign-ups and still rising, an awesome accomplishment for a pair who applied independently of any fundraising student group! Another success story comes from the team’s trip to Kent, who have absolutely tore through their sign-up target. Elsewhere, we’ve seen small but mighty successes from Cardiff, Lancaster, and King’s College!

We’re buzzing to bosh through the last of our information meetings and see more success stories from across the land - best of luck to everyone with your promo and follow-up. On that note;

Follow-up Top Tips!

  • Use the message template on the Challenge Leader Forum if you’re stuck on what to write in follow-up messages.

  • If you haven’t already, organise a drop-in session. These sessions are a great, accessible way for people to ask questions about the challenge.

  • If people have any questions about fundraising, direct them to contact your charity partner.


It’s marathon season, and October has seen two teams of budding runners smash 42km around two of the most iconic cities in Europe. Read how:

Budapest Marathon

The team - consisting of groups from Exeter, Nottingham, Bristol, and Falmouth - settled in on the first night, grabbed some food at the (extremely cheap!) open-air market and got an early night for the 5km warm-up run the morning after. Following the run, most of the team headed up to the Liberty Statue to enjoy some of the stunning panoramic views that Budapest had to offer, though climbing hills might not have been the smartest of moves the day before a marathon… Marathon morning came and went like a helicopter overhead and the team hobbled back to the hostel to relax before a night out cruising through ruin bars. The following day the team enjoyed an easy day at the Széchenyi Baths before catching their flight back to London.

Bilbao Night Marathon

Last weekend, teams from King’s, LSE, Warwick, and Kent smashed through 42km along the electric streets of Bilbao. They arrived on the Friday and settled into the city, grabbing some food and experiencing the local cuisine. That evening, the team ran a warm-up 5km run before the big night tomorrow. Saturday was a day of relaxation and energy saving for the long night ahead - students headed up the funicular and were greeted with an awesome view of the cityscape at which they could map out their route. After the carbo-loading meal in the afternoon, the team received their briefing and slugged along to the start line for an 8pm start (!). Everyone smashed the race and headed straight to bed for a well deserved kip. The following day saw more exploring of more cultural sites and a night out on the town!

Bilbao Night Marathon team with Marathon Reps Connor Perkins and Pete Gilibrand

Bilbao Night Marathon team with Marathon Reps Connor Perkins and Pete Gilibrand

Budapest Marathon team with Marathon Reps Harry Boddington and Connor Perkins

Budapest Marathon team with Marathon Reps Harry Boddington and Connor Perkins

In November and December, you can look forward to:

  • Recruitment round-up

  • More Challenge Leader blogs

    • ‘Your First Social’

    • ‘What I Learnt From Recruitment’

  • Challenge-related competitions

  • Your First Workshop’ blog

October has been a long one, but it’s gone by like the blink of an eye here at the CaCh office! We’re looking forward to seeing how your teams progress and eventually smash those fundraising targets.

If you have any content you’d like to submit for the CL Forum or CL Blogs, get in touch with Felix at felix@chooseachallenge.com - we’d love to hear from you!

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