February Newsletter

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Happy February Folks! 

February brings so many exciting things, the end of dry January, Valentines Day, Pancake Day and more importantly: Your second Challenge Leader Newsletter. This month, we're going to be talking about what's going on in the world of Choose a Challenge and some top tips on how you can help your team this month with their challenge preparation. 

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As a Challenge Leader, it's your job to ensure your team feel supported along their challenge journey. We are just beginning our full supporter journey with your team, as we get closer to the challenge it means we need to start sending out the important information on all things itinerary, visas, vaccinations and more. In the build-up to these ever-anticipated emails, you may have questions come up from your team that you're not sure how to answer. So, don't panic! And more importantly, please don't make up an answer. 

All important information about the trek, can be found in your Challenge Briefing Pack. Specific challenge briefing packs are available by logging in to your registration portal. Any questions regarding payments, insurance, fees and more, you can refer your participants to our FAQs or Knowledge Base.   

Any running-related inquiries, please direct to your team to our Running Hub. We are looking at adding additional materials to this over the coming weeks, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the forum and hub for more information.  For an challenge-specific questions, regarding fitness, kit and more, we are currently working on a brand new Trekking Hub, which should hopefully be ready to go by the end of the month! Keep an eye on the Forums for the release.

Looking After Your Team

The team at Exeter RAG have bought out another cracking bit of support for their participants all around Fundraising & Mental Health. Big shoutout to Alys & Aled, our Morocco trek leaders from Exeter RAG for their mega post (right) where they shared the an image to support their team. It's important as a challenge leader to look after your team! Here's a couple of things we love about Alys' post and their support image. 

1) Ensuring the team read the whole thing by promising a joke at the start

2) Giving tips for wellbeing whilst fundraising. Exeter RAG have put together an image listing where participants can get support (both through RAG, the charity and university) for their fundraising. 

3) Encouraging the team to work together - both on fundraising events but also going out for training walks or runs together. It's a lovely way to ensure the team are bonded before the challenge itself. 

4) Socials! We love seeing you guys organising socials with your team. We know it's a great way to ensure people actually want to head out on their challenge, by bonding them all before you go. 

We love these ideas, and hope you guys can take some tips from Alys, Aled and the rest of Exeter RAG on some great ways to look after your team. 


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What are we up to this month? 
It's been another busy month in the Choose a Challenge office. To celebrating getting through January, we've been celebrating National Pizza Day today (pictured left). 

Over the past month, we've been travelling round to visit lots of you to promote Three Peaks, Bilbao Night Marathon and Budapest Marathon. On top of our recruitment, we've been busy making lots of plans for the coming year too (some of which are still secret for now). 

Molly's been busy putting the final preparations together for our Strategy Day and Launch Party. If you haven't already, please click attending to the Launch Party if you can come along, we'd love to see you at The Piano Works and have a singalong to celebrate all of your hard work so far. 

Sam and I have been busy training for our marathon so more, you can find out latest progress in our #NoughtToMarathon blog here

I've also been working on some shiny new support products, including our Trekking Hub which hopefully will be up and running by the end of the month. And we're now starting to plan all of your Pre-Departure Briefings too. Those of you who are a first-time challenger, pre-departure briefings are where we come along to your university to talk you and your team through everything you need to know before your challenge. From what kind of kit you're gonna need, to your flight itinerary, we'll be on hand to answer questions and put any worries to rest.




Challenge Leaders of the Month

Sam (right) & Charlie (left) (Warwick)

Sam and Charlie have done an incredible job recruiting for the Three Peaks Challenge at Warwick, and so far have an amazing 22 people on their team!

They were very proactive in their approach to recruitment, contacting almost every single society at the University, going door knocking, and flyering every day. They also got a bit creative, dressing up in traditional Scottish, English and Irish clothes to represent the three mountains!

Since the info meeting, they have been in touch with all the info meeting attendees and have run two drop-in sessions to answer any questions and get to know their new team!

Thanks for all of your hard work Sam and Charlie!

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