March Newsletter

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Hola amigos, March is here!

There are SO many exciting things happening this month, that I can't wait to share with you in your March Challenge Leader Newsletter. Stay tuned for exciting updates, pre-departure planning tips and advice on organising a group training session. 


First things first: We're off to BARCELONA! 

Today is the day we're heading out with teams from Sheffield, Cardiff, and Loughborough to take on the Barcelona Marathon in aid of Anthony Nolan. We are so excited to kick-start yet another fantastic year of marathon running and to launch our 2018 Marathon Leaderboard for all of us to aspire to.

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities, and such a wonderful city to run around for 26.2 miles. I'm hoping the team will be saying the same after their efforts this weekend too. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing them a massive good luck for the weekend. 

I'm going to be heading out to run with the group myself this weekend, tying in one of my last long training runs before Sam & I attempt Paris Marathon. Check out our latest #NoughtToMarathon blog here.   

Whilst some of us will be enjoying the sunshine in Barcelona, the rest of the team are busy getting things organised for all of our upcoming Pre-departure Briefings. By now, your Account Manager should have set a date, time and location for your briefing. We'll be running through all things trek preparation: Visas, kit, training and more. To help make sure the event is a hit, please make sure all of your team are aware of it's importance and have the date in their diary. It'll probably be helpful for you to create an event for your Facebook Group, so that everyone can click attending and receive reminders for the event. If you have any questions about the pre-departure, please let us know. Everything we cover will also be available in your Challenge Briefing Pack, and we are happy to run through things with participants on a one-to-one basis afterwards if they aren't able to make the meeting. 

If you're a Marathon Challenge Leader - it's also coming up to your Training Workshop. In the training workshop, we'll be running through all things running: starting running, your first 5km and much much more. Similarly to our trek pre-departures, it's important all participants come along to the training workshop. It'll give them a chance to talk training with the team and make the most of their marathon experience. We want to get the best version of you across that finish line, so if you can help us with making a Facebook Event and ensuring your team come along - that'd be great. If you're keen to start training now, check out our Running Hub for more support. 

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On the topic of TRAINING.

The Easter holidays are coming up, and before your team head off home for revision - why not try to plan in an training session? 

Whether it be a 3-5 km run before going for brunch as a team, an interval session or a long walk to a local pub. Make the most the Spring Sunshine and get out and about with your team. Events like this are a good way to start chipping off the training sessions leading up to your challenge. They provide an informal way for your team to bond and socialise, and they can be great fun!

 I planned a 10-mile walk with my team from Exeter to Exmouth whilst we were preparing for our Machu Picchu Trek. It was a challenge, but it provided us with plenty of time to get to know each other and prepare for the long days of trekking in Peru. The pub lunch at the end was the icing on the cake, we had a good laugh and a good meal. 



Finally, last but not least: Our Challenge Leader of the Month! 

Becky is our Challenge Leader for the Everest Base Camp Trek at Bristol University. From day one of recruitment, Becky has put her all into challenge leading and is always there for her team organising fundraisers and socials. She is currently training to take on her very own Three Peaks trek with friends as part of her fundraising for the challenge. Her enthusiasm and reliability has made her an absolute dream to work with. Thank you Becky!

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