June Newsletter

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Welcome to June!

Hey gang!

I hope you've not all completely worked yourselves into the ground with coursework and revision and that hopefully those horrible exams are finally drawing to a close. To those of you still going; good luck, you CAN do it, and the CACH team are all thinking of you!

With exam season finishing for you guys, it means our busy season is officially starting! Our first Machu Picchu team headed off on the 7th (with a glorious 3.40 airport meet, sorry Azmina!) and as you guys read this they should be arriving in Cusco.  As you may know, we have a US arm of Choose a Challenge based over in Brooklyn, NY. They've had the vast majority of their teams head out already to Nepal, Tanzania and Peru, and we've had some truly phenomenal photos back!

Hopefully having a look at these is getting those of you heading off to Kili, EBC and Machu is getting you excited and giving you that final little bit of fundraising motivation as you all approach your fundraising deadlines this month!

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For those of you heading to Morocco, Iceland and Guatemala, it might be a little bit of inspiration for challenge number two(!) Our #EBC01 leaders Noelle and Lexa are best friends from Boston University who challenge led a Kilimanjaro trek together last summer, and loved it so much they signed up for Everest!

I know there are plenty of you who are now racking up your second and even third challenges, but for those of you first-timers, just thought it might be worth giving you a little inspiration, plus look how wonderful their summit photo is! --->





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Our next upcoming departure will be our lovely Morocco teams from Exeter and UEA, who are actually being joined by our very own Naomi, (be nice to her guys!) This leads me nicely into our Challenge Leaders of the Month, Alys and Aled who head up the Exeter Morocco team!

Lucy, their account manager, said: 'Alys & Aled are fantastic leaders! All year they have worked hard to support their team and keep them happy and excited for their Morocco trek. Their Facebook posts always make me smile, and they manage to get plenty of interaction from their team - definitely a cracking sign that the team and happy and bonded before they trek this Summer. They've been great, and I hope they have a wonderful time out in Morocco in a couple of weeks!'


Three Peaks Webinar!

Hello Three Peaks Leaders!! Please don't forget to remind your groups to tune into their Pre-Departure Webinar on Friday 15th June.

I'll be posting the viewing link in each of your facebook pages about 5 minutes before each webinar will take place. The times for each webinar are:

3rd July Departure: 3pm
10th July Departure: 4.30pm

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Finally, a quick note about parents. If your parents are anything like mine, as we approach your departure dates they're going to start flapping and panicking about your trip. We have a whole page on the website full of advice for parents, as well as our Parents' Survival Guide.  Please share these with your parents and with your teams!

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