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A warm, maybe too warm, welcome to July for all our lovely leaders! England won on penalties for the first time in a World Cup (it's coming home) and to celebrate we have all sorts of exiting news for all you budding leaders. We know you're all itching to get out there, so let's raise that excitement bar just that little bit more.

First things first, our Three Peaks teams (#Peaks01 and Peaks#02) have just returned from their tour of the three highest peaks in the UK; Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Mount Snowdon. The teams climbed a combined elevation of 3,408m in less than 36 hours, travelling over 450 miles in the process! Here are some of the awesome photos the teams took:  

The next adventures are coming in August, when our Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp and Iceland teams will be embarking on their travels - we can't wait to get you guys sent out there!


Challenge Leader of the Month

With the Three Peaks trips coming to a close, we thought it would be cool to celebrate the immense effort of one of the Three Peaks leaders: Meg Prosser (pictured right). Meg was a exemplary leader throughout the 36 hour trip, always leading from the front, keeping in touch with Sam and the staffing team when required, and taking some awesome pictures in the process. Meg even travelled back to Birmingham the day after to graduate - a massive congratulations to her from the team!

Challenge Leader Mentor Scheme

With a new crop of incoming leaders, there will undoubtedly be lots of questions and queries flying around about all sorts of challenge-y things. This is where the new mentor scheme comes in. We would love some past leaders to be on hand to support incoming leaders with any problems they may be having throughout the year. Whether it be trouble planning a workshop, advice with recruitment strategies, or participants not hitting their target, you have the experience to know where to turn. With this scheme, incoming leaders will hopefully benefit from much more productivity and continue to enjoy their role as a result. We already have a number of mentors signed up, so if you'd like to get involved please drop us a message or email at team@chooseachallenge.com. 




Challenge Events Coordinator

New year, new staff! The team has grown one in size with the introduction of our new Challenge Events Coordinator: Felix. Felix is a graduate from the University of Exeter. Having spent three years taking part in challenges and eventually being involved in their organisation and management, he feels this role is a logical extension of his passion for overseas challenges. He will account manage the incoming independent leaders, helping them start from scratch in their journey of recruiting a team and getting them on an overseas challenge. His role also includes manning the Facebook marathon and challenge leader forums. 

Summer Interns

We've also now hired two new budding summer interns to help us out throughout the busy period of the summer. Margherita Palumbo (pictured left with Lucy) and Kieran Kershaw will be working with us in the office for the next four weeks doing all sorts of bits and bobs. The pair will help with presentations for training days, assist in responding to participant enquiries, and develop our supporter journey to ensure it is the most well supported journey possible, among other things. 

We're super happy to have the new guys on board, and look forward to seeing all the good work they get up to during their time here!


Molly's Great Wall of China Adventure

Our very own Molly has now returned from her road-testing (or wall-testing) adventure at the Great Wall of China. Molly was in absolute awe of some of the landscape along the wall and, despite the temperature reaching up to 38ºC (!), said she found the trek relatively easy compared to other overseas treks she has embarked on. Molly said it was initially strange going without conventional social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) due to the Chinese government ban, but you quickly adapt given that contact with the outside world is still possible. She was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of incredible foods on offer, despite having to engage in the ancient yet near-impossible task of eating with chopsticks. Number one advice for travelling to China: if you can't eat with chopsticks, bring a spork. 

The Morocco Atlas Trek

Our #Toubkal01 team recently returned from their Morocco Atlas Trek, with lots of high praise for the challenge. Alys, one of the Exeter Challenge Leaders, said "Trekking the Atlas Mountains was like something out of a movie, with every incline rewarding you with spectacular views of endless mountains, with lush green villages tucked in-between. From following a stream along a sunny valley to clambering up a rocky pass into patches of snow, you’re always entertained. From early morning breakfasts crowded in a mess tent to goat-spotting on impossibly high ridges, nothing beats the feeling of watching the sun rise over Mount Toubkal on your summit day!




How it Works

Please note: the below map is an example of how the interactive map will be displayed on our website - our teams are still yet to get out there!

To find the team you're looking to track, use the menu on the left-hand side of the map to switch between different groups, ensuring the "base" layer is switched on. You can also change the terrain view at the bottom of this menu.

#Kili04: Warwick - Meningitis Research Foundation.

#Kili05: UCL - Hope for Children.

#Kili06: Loughborough - Hope for Children.

#KILI07: Open.

#KILI08: Plymouth - Meningitis Research Foundation.

#KILI09: Kent - Meningitis Research Foundation.

#KILI10: Birmingham - Meningitis Research Foundation.

#KILI11: Southampton - Meningitis Research Foundation.

The colours of each pin and line correlate to the location of the team, and whether or not they are on the move or at a camp overnight.

Green: Team has reached location.

Blue: Team has yet to reach location.

Red: Peak of trip (usually half-way point).

What Does it Mean for You?

The new system is great as a more insightful, interactive view of where participants (and you guys) will be in their journeys. Naturally, being a more interactive system, we need more content for the maps - this is where you come in.

The more content, the better.

We need photos. As many photos as we can get. The more photos, the more populated we can make these interactive maps, creating a clearer picture of your journey for those wishing you well from home. When you're out on your travels this summer, be mindful that your parents and friends will no doubt be thinking of you whilst you're away. This is an awesome way to appease that.

Let us know what you think of the new system by getting in touch via message or email at team@chooseachallenge.com

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