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get ready...

August is certainly one of the biggest months in the CaCH calendar, with over half of our teams embarking on their awesome adventures and a whole bunch of new teams brewing in the pipeline. This month we look forward to waving off our first teams - led by you - who have worked tirelessly, raising money in the worst of conditions, in places that funds have never been raised before, to gain their place on these trips. 

This week we also say goodbye to our summer interns Margherita and Kieran, both of whom have done a superb job in supporting the team at the office in Vauxhall. Thanks guys, you've been awesome - good luck in your future endeavours!


What to Expect

You will be receiving your travel wallet in the post at some point in the next few weeks. Your travel wallet will include your flight details, trip itinerary, contact details and lots of extra information that will be useful whilst you're out in-country. 

Remember to...

1) Keep your Facebook group up-to-date. Make a couple of posts asking if anyone has any last minute questions, or even chuck some inspirational quotes in there to get the team pumped.

2) Remind your team to book their transport to the airport! Again, this can just be a reminder on your Facebook group. You could even recommend the transport you have (or will) book to save them time searching.

Trip Tracking

Now that our trip tracking system is fully up and running, we'd love you guys to share it out there so any of your friends and family can know what you're up to in-country. To access the system, just follow this link and select the trip you wish to track. The system is ideal for those parents that are super keen on staying in touch with their kids whilst they're away. We've tried to make the system as easy to use as possible, so please let us know what you think of the system and if it's straightforward. 

Photo by Sam Jackson on #Peaks01

Photo by Sam Jackson on #Peaks01

Photo by Scott Davenport on #Peaks02

Photo by Scott Davenport on #Peaks02


Challenge Leader Mentor Scheme

There's only one week left to sign-up to our Mentor Scheme! The scheme is an awesome opportunity for you leaders who are coming to the end of their year to stay on-board the challenge adventure journey and provide advice and guidance to those following in your footsteps. All that's required of you is to be on-hand to address any questions or concerns that incoming leaders may have - that's it! And the best part is, by signing up you enter a ballot to win some sweet sweet Choose a Challenge stash. What's not to like!? There's no application required, just fill in this 2-minute form.


It's important in this last month that you ensure you and your team have a base-level of fitness before heading out on your travels, especially if you've got a marathon coming up in October (!). The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy your trip - it's as simple as that. Here's some quick tips and methods you can share with your teams:

Interval Training

In a nutshell, this type of training is designed to get your body used to stop-start cardiovascular exercise, which will be your day-to-day when out in-country. In all treks, there will be a minimum of 6 hours trekking per day, with some days trekking for 10 hours plus. Hence, it is vital for your body to be adaptable. Interval training does not have to be super intense; you can simply go for brisk jog, taking five to ten walking breaks throughout. This way, your body's ability to switch between active and inactive will become a lot stronger. 

Long Walks

To improve your endurance, a long walk two or three times a week will benefit you immensely. If possible, try to emulate your challenge as much as possible by walking through a range of both flat and elevated areas. Remember, you'll be walking upwards of 5km per day so try to walk this distance or further.

Weighted Walks or Runs

Walking or running with weight is vital to get you adapted to your challenge. Although porters are on hand to help with your bags in times of need, their abilities are not unlimited and it would be super sensible to prepare for the eventuality that a porter is pre-occupied.

Photo by Felix Bailey on Amsterdam Marathon 2017

Photo by Felix Bailey on Amsterdam Marathon 2017


Our new In-Country Officers!

The team are happy to announce our in-country officers that will be joining you guys out on your adventures. The ICOs will be assisting your journey in a number of ways behind the scenes. They will be assisting with arrivals at the airport, preparing and advising students on what to expect throughout the challenge, and coordinating logistics throughout the trip. We'll be introducing them by trip on a weekly basis. First, meet the Kilimanjaro team!

Pictured: Kieran (ICO, left), Anna (Doctor, centre-left), Nathan (Doctor, centre-right), Evie (ICO, right)

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