April Newsletter


Where has this year gone! Seems like just yesterday that England were smashing goals in the World Cup and subsequently we had a smashing recruitment season. This month, we’ve been putting plans in place for our upcoming 2019 departures, as well as looking at confirming new Challenge Leaders for 2020! Not only this, but a load of job opportunities coming up. We know you’re all keen on staying in touch, so now is absolutely the time to look at your options and get involved!


Challenge Leader of the Month


Kate has done a great job this month preparing her team for their departure to Everest Base Camp. Despite lots of technical issues and train faults, she was able to get most of her team to watch an online screening of their pre-departure briefing, and even stuck around after to see make sure everyone’s questions were answered. Thanks a bunch Kate!

Next Year…

We’re on the lookout for new Challenge Leaders - apply now through our application form! If you’re with a RAG, get in touch with your committee to see what’s on offer.



Brand Ambassadors

We’re looking for our next cohort of inspiring and passionate Brand Ambassadors to promote our trips on campuses next Autumn. This year, we are going to be working on even more campuses and your role will be crucial for helping us reach more people and ultimately raise more money for our amazing partner charities. Your travel expenses will be covered, and you’ll earn £100 a day for your work. Full role description here. Apply here.

Marathon Reps

We’re looking for our next cohort of inspiring and passionate interns to work with our groups at our European Marathons in Budapest, Amsterdam and Bilbao. You’ll head out with the teams and be by their side from start to finish line! Full role description here. Apply here.


Pre-departure Pack

It’s here! Your pre-departure pack is published and ready to go. The pack is designed for you to get your teams fully prepped for their departure, from setting up WhatsApp group for your team to knowing what to do in an emergency. You can find the pack here.

Our Values

We have some very exciting news about our new company values coming soon. Watch this space for more details!


Happy Easter! And thanks for reading! As always, get in touch at team@chooseachallenge.com if you need anything.

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