May Newsletter


As we edge closer and closer to recruitment, we’re putting lots of bits and bobs in place to ensure this is our biggest year yet. From a new and improved Brand Ambassador programme, to more tailored RAG and Challenge Leader training - we are piecing the perfect puzzle together to raise even more money for our incredible partner charities. Also, some team updates!


Challenge Leader of the Month


Arrsha has done a cracking job at getting on-board the ILM Programme this month, following the drop-out of another leader. Best of luck to Arrsha on the Programme!

Challenge Leader of the Year

Our nominations for CL of the Year are still open, and will remain open until June! We’ve had a whole bunch of nominations in already, but remember it’s not about the quantity, but the quality. If you know a leader who’s stood out and has been exceptional from the off, nominate away! The winner will receive a super flashy framed certificate as well as some £50 worth of Choose a Challenge goodies.

Hailey Hart-Thompson (Boston University) 1.jpg



Brand Ambassador Programme

More exciting news on the block is that our new Brand Ambassador Programme is now officially underway! We’ve brought 15 brand new, energetic, and experienced BAs on-board to promote our 2019/20 overseas challenges in the upcoming recruitment season. The new BAs will be trained later this year, ready to inspire a fresh new year of students all over the country.

Upcoming Departures

We’re edging closer to our high-season, so it’s super important for us to get all of the relevant important documents from our participants. If you haven’t already, please post a message in your groups asking your teams to upload their passport details and insurance documents. Prices will only go up, so the earlier the better! Please submit to or upload to your registration portal.


Farewell Lucy!

This week we said our final goodbyes to Lucy, our Customer Sales and Experience Manager. I speak for everyone in the team when I say that Lucy has been such an awesome member of the team - not only setting brilliant examples with her leadership, but leading the way with ensuring the team, charities, and participants are cared for from first contact.

In the three years Lucy has been with Choose a Challenge, she’s been to Everest Base Camp, Nepal, tackled her first skiing experience and spent time away in the USA office, to name a few. She’s had the true and authentic challenges experience, pushing herself outside of her comfort zone at every turn, and now it’s time for her to say goodbye.

Thanks for everything Lucy!


Thanks for reading - Best of luck with exams and deadlines, you’re almost past the final hurdle, then you can get excited for your Challenges!! Oh and remember to nominate your Challenge Leader of the Year!

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