June Newsletter


It’s been a busy one this month! From the first UK departures of the season, to Conference preparations, to planning for 2019/20 recruitment, we’ve been hot off our feet with things to do. Oh and let’s not forget our newest member of staff, fifteen (!) new Brand Ambassadors and a new intern next week - the community doesn’t stop growing!


Challenge Leader of the Month


Nayha has done a stellar job all year of keeping her team in check, ensuring they reach their fundraising targets and providing all-around support. All culminating in their departure yesterday - best of luck team!

Challenge Leader of the Year

Nominations are now closed! A winner has been chosen and your Challenge Leader of the Year will be released next Friday. The winner will receive a certificate and get to keep the new and soon-to-be coveted CLotY Shield for the year.




Three Peaks!

The first of our Three Peaks trips just yesterday returned from their 36-hour round trip, smashing each peak in turn. For those of you set to depart, check out Scott’s Three Peaks experience blog, set with top tips and things to look out for. When you’re out there remember our content competition! You could win a £100 Cotswold Outdoors voucher just by submitting a photo, video, or blog.

Trip Tracking

As with previous years, you (and your friends and family) will be able to track your trips this summer using our interactive map tracker.* More on this in the coming months.


New Staff!

Following Molly’s departure we’ve welcomed our new Comms and Care coordinator to the office; Stephen (pictured left). From now, Stephen is the friendly voice at the end of the phone!

Escape Room

Last week the team took on and cracked their first escape room, and escaped with just 3 minutes to spare - more to come!


*The interactive map tracker is only available for our Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and Everest Base Camp departures.

You’re all so close to your trips now. Hang in there, smash the remainder of your fundraising targets, and you’ll be all set! As always, if you need anything get in touch at team@chooseachallenge.com

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