2019 non-student bookings


As part of our drive to be the UK's most successful challenge events operator, we are currently trialling a departure next year for non-students.

The offering is for an Everest Base Camp trek. Participants will have the option to fundraise, with or without a £395 flexipayment. Or they’ll have the option to self-fund.

We have recently trialled the event with one small group from an NHS trust. Following this pilot; we're now looking to expand and we'd love to get you involved. This expansion will have no impact on the work with students, and therefore will not impact you in any way; however, we would love to have non-students who book to trek Everest Base Camp with us fundraise for you.

If you'd like to, we would be happy to include your cause as one of the options for non-students to select when opting to fundraise for their challenge. Furthermore, if a non-student approaches us and would like to be a "leader" for the trip, we would also offer you as the cause that specific group will fundraise for.

By partnering with us on the non-student bookings, you'll also be able to promote this trip to your non-student, or graduate, supporters to also take part and continue their challenges journey post-university.

If you'd like to opt out of this, or if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send over an email to charity@chooseachallenge.com