Choose a Challenge RAG Incentive Scheme 2018/2019

We are launching a brand new RAG Incentive Scheme for 2019! If you have any questions regarding the RAG Incentive Scheme, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on or call us on 0203 773 4140.

How does it work?

We’re challenging you to increase the total number of participants registering for trips departing in 2019 and in return we’re introducing an incentive scheme to reward you for all your efforts! We will be offering sponsorship to our RAG partners for 2018/19 based on the increase in the number of participants they recruit across our marathon and overseas challenges.

For each extra person that registers for 2019 trips vs 2018 trips your RAG will earn sponsorship. For example, if your RAG recruited 20 participants for a Kilimanjaro challenge in summer 2018 and then in autumn 2018 your RAG recruits 30 participants for a 2019 Machu Picchu departure you will have recruited 10 extra pax and you’ll get sponsorship of £200.

The reward you receive will be based on the increase in participants on events in the same category below:


Category 1: £20 sponsorship per additional registrant


Machu Picchu

Everest Base Camp


Great Wall of China


Category 2: £15 sponsorship per additional registrant

All European Marathons


This scheme is not currently available for our Three Peaks Trek, nor is it available for our Iceland, Brazil or Guatemala treks.

Category 2 sponsorship is only available for RAGs who run marathon information meetings after the 15th November 2018.


The sponsorship must be toward something that is beneficial to your RAG, for example sponsorship for your end of year awards ceremony, or equipment that's useful for RAG activities, like a camera.

There is no cap on the sponsorship that your RAG can earn, but marathons and overseas treks will be calculated separately. For example, if you did not run a marathon event with Choose a Challenge last year, you will receive sponsorship for every marathon registrant of 2018/19.

If you did not work with Choose a Challenge for 2018 departures then all registrants will earn the sponsorship set out above.

How do I claim my sponsorship?

We will process all sponsorship claims by March 31st 2019 for registrations that occurred between 1st September 2018 and March 15th 2018. You will need to claim your sponsorship by filling out our RAG Incentive Claim Form.