2019 Three Peaks Trip Dates

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This year we planned to have three to four Open Three Peaks dates. In order to assign universities onto specific dates, we sent out a questionnaire back in September requesting RAG’s for their preferences. Many came back with very little preference, but those who declared a specific date were put onto this date.

We decided to assign the rest of the universities to dates in-line with their date of recruitment to allow us to fill each one, before moving on to the next. Currently, all Three Peaks accounts doing pre-Christmas recruitment are on the first date, unless the RAG have specifically requested a different date or cannot make it.

When this trip is full, the next set of accounts will be put on the second date, and then the third if it is required. As this requires ongoing reviews, we can't confirm all specific university trip dates at this time, but we'll look to do so prior to January recruitment. We will send trip agreements for all three dates when this is confirmed.

If you have a question about a specific universities trip date; please contact us directly to charity@chooseachallenge.com.