As the organiser of dozens of overseas trips each year, we have an obligation to ensure that our trips are held to the highest ethical standards. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Our responsible tourism and environmental policies form an integral part of how we operate. Our challenges visit some of the world’s most amazing and cherished places, and we want to help preserve them as much as possible for future generations.

We aim to promote the cross-cultural aspect of all our trips and we encourage all challenge participants to take an active interest in the wellbeing of the dedicated staff who support them during their time overseas. Whilst preparing our participants for their challenges, we stress the importance of leaving each destination as you found it, supporting the local economy by purchasing locally-made crafts, and treating local people, environments and wildlife with utmost respect.

In order to uphold our high ethical standards, we have sought accreditations from a number of relevant charities and schemes.

Tourism Concern is a British charity (registered charity no. 1064020) who work to accredit those organisations who work to benefit local people in their destinations, to expose and campaign against human rights abuses in the tourism industry.

We have been a proud member of Tourism Concern’s Ethical Tour Operator Group since 2009.


We've taken the TAP pledge to help our participants commit to reducing and avoiding using single-use plastics whilst travelling on each of our trips.

Across our treks, water provided will almost always be purified by your support team, from rivers and streams alongside the trail. Where this isn't possible, we encourage our participants to bring purifying kits or bottles with them (this is listed in your kit list, found in your Challenge Briefing Pack - and a helpful list of resources is below).

With regard to reusable bottles, in-country and in our UK and USA offices here at HQ, our team are committed to a low-plastic future. We do a huge amount of domestic and international travel ourselves, and we each use our own reusable bottles both at home and whilst travelling. We encourage you to do the same!

For more information on the Travellers Against Plastic scheme, check out the TAP blog or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Each year, we review our challenges to ensure they meet the high ethical standards we expect, as well as remaining aware of the practices and legislation within our destination countries. We encourage our participants to partake in responsible tourist practices - both in general, and specific to their destination country - and guidelines for this are given in the Briefing Pack for each challenge.

In addition to this, we follow the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for each of our destinations, to ensure that we are maintaining best practice throughout our operations in-country.

You can read more about our ethical pledges on our Knowledge Base. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.