Types of Run

There are various types of run, and each presents a different set of challenges and benefits. Here, we cover three types of run you may encounter, and what each is like.



Hill runs are shorter runs and are great for endurance Find a hill  which takes 2-3 minutes to climb with a good amount of effort. Run up the hill 5-6 times with a long recovery time walking back down the hill of at least 3 minutes. It takes extra effort to run up hill so you don't need to run as fast as you would on the flat. Whilst running uphill remain in control of your breathing and your posture. 


You can do an interval session based on time and perceived effort,  E.g 5 minutes running hard, 2 minutes running easy as your recovery section. You can mix up the intervals as you wish. Or you take it up a gear and try a pyramid session! After a short warm up, do a hard 800m with a walking recovery before a hard 1500m with a walking recovery and a final 800m loop - if you have acess to a track this a a great session to try. 

Long Distance

This is the run that you really have to plan into your schedule and commit to. For many people this run is on a weekend and is run at a slower comfortable pace. You want to feel as though you can keep going as you come to the end of the run. Remember to take food and water on these runs! 

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