getting involved

We are the leading provider of student challenges in the UK. We currently work with over 40 RAG societies up and down the country and are the experts in student recruitment and on-campus promotion. There are more benefits than you could think of getting your RAG society, sports team or campus involved in the Choose a Challenge Programme.


                                         Your Society

Find it hard to get people involved in your events? Whilst at university there are so many draws on people's time, it's not always the easiest to engage their interest. But if we are honest, It makes it a little easier when you are offering them the trip of a lifetime at the same time.


Adventure is what we do and it's exciting in every way. By offering your members the chance to take on something truly spectacular you will become a group of people that others want to get involved with. Who doesn't want to join a society or team that sends people to climb to Everest Base Camp or run the Budapest Marathon year on year?

Build a community

Our challenges revolve around teamwork. Whether this be in meeting with the team prior to departure or giving each other the final push 41km's round a marathon or 200m from the top of the mountain, teamwork is undoubtedly the name of the game. More importantly it teaches people the importance of community both internal and external to the university community.

Publicity for you society

The publicity you generate from raising thousands of pounds for charity and climbing mountains all reflects well on your society. Our teams are regularly covered in campus, town, and nation wide publications in the efforts to take on incredible feats.


Who doesn't want to be the president of a society, RAG chair or student officer who offers their students the chance to climb to the Roof of Africa of one of the Seven Wonders of the World and proudly hold up their logo, letters or colours there. If your RAG society, sports team or campus wants to get involved with one of our challenges simply pop us a message.