Fact File: Tanzania

This blog includes an extremely concise fact-file on the in-country experience. You can find out a little bit about the culture in Tanzania as well as its history. There's some information on what it's like in Moshi and a few pointers on the trek itself.  

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Staying Safe

We take the utmost care in organising our challenges to ensure they are as safe as possible; we only travel in mostly hassle-free countries, follow advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and use trusted ground suppliers. Whilst we endeavour to keep you as safe as we can, there are a few (common sense!) things you can do too to keep your challenge as risk-free and enjoyable as possible!

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Molly DownesComment
Running in the Heat

The heat has hit the UK in a big way this summer, and it doesn't look like its going anywhere soon. If you're currently training for one of our Autumn marathons, read on to find out our top tips for tackling your summer runs.

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Naomi LuckingComment
Hygiene on Treks

Staying hygienic whilst trekking can at times be extremely difficult. It's something that isn't often overtly spoken about, and which isn't the most comfortable topic of conversation. However, it is extremely important, and so I decided it would be helpful to provide some advice to keep you as fresh, tidy and hygienic as possible whilst on your challenge. 

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Give Your Marathon Training A Boost: What Works For Me

Training for a marathon can be tough, especially when it’s your first which is the case for me. In October I’ll be running through the streets of Bilbao starting at 8pm. With that in mind I’ve come up with some things from my training experience so far that will hopefully help you when it comes to training for your upcoming race.

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Kieren KershawComment
Kilimanjaro: A trek and so much more

Reaching Uhuru Peak was an unforgettable experience, but I often feel that too much emphasis is put on this aspect of the challenge. People often overlook what else the Kilimanjaro challenge has to offer, besides the trek itself. Let me show you why else you should consider signing up…

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