Our story begins with two students, Dan and Charles, having just summited the world's highest freestanding mountain in 2008. Two individuals passionate for both adventure and charity, they returned to the UK to start a travel company, hoping to share their incredible experiences with as many young people as they could.

Over the past decade, their dream has evolved dramatically, into a leading student travel provider, which has raised over £20 million for charity and sent over 10,000 young people on life-changing experiences all over the world.




We believe adventure is the key to life, and that the best way to travel is for a reason.

What better way to see the world, than through raising money for an incredible cause? We want to help make a difference to those most in need, and we believe students have the skills and the passion to be at the heart of creating this change.

When you get involved one of our challenges, not only do you guarantee yourself the trip of a lifetime, you guarantee that you are going to change the lives of others.


our family


A community of like-minded young people, driven by passion for charity and adventure.

Our staff and participants follow in the footsteps of that original founding tradition, bringing charity and adventure together to change lives.

When you sign up to a challenge, you open up a world of opportunities with Choose a Challenge - from challenge leading, to interning at one of our destinations, to becoming a member of staff!





  1. Live Life Outside Your Comfort Zone

  2. Create Communities

  3. Be Authentic

  4. Create Moments

  5. Value the Journey

  6. Respect Others


Our Staff