6 reasons why we're not your average travel provider

How our newly minted company values showcase our commitment to quality university student travel.

Our team recently sat down and revisited what our core values are as a company and how we’re making strides to provide much more than just an overseas challenge to our student participants. After hours and hours of discussing what we believe in as a company we boiled down a list of nearly 15 values down to six, which we’re excited to share with you:

1. We live life outside our comfort zones

We are unafraid to innovate and pioneer within our industry. We push boundaries daily; personally and professionally. We know we learn best from hands-on experience. We strive to facilitate personal growth by helping others to challenge their perception of themselves through seeing the world, trying new things and realising their potential. We embrace challenge and want to share our passion with everyone. 

Comfort Zone 2.jpg

2. We create communities

We value our partnerships with charities and universities. We support local communities, and have helped to build some from the grass-roots to sustainable workplaces for local guides and porters. We aim to bring people together from across the world to share experiences and help them to learn more about themselves. Our trips provide a platform for others to make friends for life. 


3. We are authentic

We provide authentic experiences. We are transparent. We choose our products carefully to pick the roads less traveled, and give our travellers more of an insight into the country they’re visiting. Our trips are locally-led, meaning they are extremely knowledgeable and can give our participants an open account of where they are and what it’s like living there. 

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4. We create moments

We work hard to create a memorable journey that participants, charities, staff and suppliers will look back on fondly. Every step along the journey should give them a smile, and a helping hand to make working and traveling with us as streamlined as possible. We create challenge moments, getting the best version of our students across the finish line or to the peak. We also create important moments for those whom our Charity Partners support with the funding we raise. We strive to be better and give back by getting young people into fundraising.

Moments 1.jpeg

5. We value the journey

We know where we came from, and we are proud of what we have built. We look after our participants from the moment they sign up to the moment they return home and can share their fond memories with family & friends. We value the experience of our charity partners, we help them in any way we can to enjoy working with us and our student trekkers. We value our own staff experience; who have all been in the shoes of our participants and Challenge Leaders once before. We value our Ground Agents who provide excellent locally-led challenges. We value leading the student charity challenge event industry, and learning by doing. Through our individual staff experience as a past participant or Challenge Leader, we’ve developed high quality support programs and are proud of how far we’ve come. 

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6. We respect others

Our staff takes responsibility for their own actions, and to always work by the brand values and to do the right thing. We take responsibility for the impact we have on the lives of others, the countries we send our students to, and the planet itself. We encourage sustainable travel. We promote ethical tourism and hope to spread the word of this to all of our participants.

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To find out more, and to see what our values mean to us, check out our Values Release video.

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