As part of our commitment to ethical and sustainable travel, we have launched an ambitious plan to go entirely carbon neutral by 2021. We are one of the first tour operators in the UK to do so.


At Choose a Challenge, we firmly believe in both the causes we partner with, and the destinations where we send our participants. We want all travel to be worthwhile, and part of that is for the trips to be sustainable. For the first time, in 2020, we are offering all of our participants the opportunity to offset the vast majority of their trip’s carbon emissions. And by 2021, our entire company will be carbon neutral.


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the counteracting of carbon dioxide emissions with an equivalent reduction of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the atmosphere.

This is usually done by contributing to a climate cause which actively removes carbon from the air, for example through planting trees.


HOW does it work?

We’ve teamed up with WeForest, a European non-profit organisation who work tirelessly with local people and projects around the globe to fight climate change by planting trees across the world.

The money you contribute to offsetting your trip contributes to a tree-planting project in Zambia, where WeForest works with hundreds of small-scale farmers to plant trees to sequester the carbon emissions that your trip produces.

The project also assists the local community by providing these farmers with training and tools to diversify their sources of income while they plant and protect local forests.

As a result, they receive a higher income, diversify their economic activities and learn new skills. This allows the local farmers to become self-sufficient.

Our progress so far

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 11.49.14.png

We’ve been supporting tree-planting in Zambia Luanshya through WeForest since August 2019. Your contributions to offset your flights will help us on our journey to carbon neutrality by supporting the smallholder farmers in reversing deforestation there.

Check out our page with WeForest to see what we’ve achieved so far, and how many trees we’ve planted to date:

You can also view the full web map of our supported projects in Zambia here:



In 2020, all participants signing up to our trips will have the option to offset the vast majority of carbon emissions produced by their trip.

For all our trips departing in 2020, this will include offsetting your international flights (overseas treks and marathons), or for your entire trip (Three Peaks).

This will be as an optional add-on item on your online registration portal, which asks you to contribute a small amount extra to offset your emissions.

By year-end 2019, all of our Choose a Challenge staff travel - including our travel to university campuses, and our national and international repping travel - will also be offset by the company.



In 2021, the offset of all carbon emissions associated with your trip will be included in the trip cost of your challenge.

This means that you won’t even have to pay the additional cost to offset your trip - we’ll be doing it for you!

In 2021, our offsetting will also apply to your ground arrangements, meaning that not only will your flights emissions be offset, but so will the rest of your trip!

We aim to be the first tour operator in the UK to be fully carbon neutral, from the moment you start your booking to the moment you touch down back home.


Is carbon offsetting the whole story?

Whilst carbon offsetting goes a long way to making your trip sustainable, there are still plenty of other things we can all to do ensure to ensure the longevity of our destinations and our planet on the whole.

See how else you can make a difference by reading our pages on Ethics and single-use plastics, or refer to your Challenge Briefing Pack.

Remember: the only way to travel is sustainably. If you need tips or suggestions, just get in touch.


Still have questions?

If you still have questions about our sustainable and ethical policies and practices, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team via email, at