This page aims to provide leaders with all the resources and materials needed in your year of leading. Whether you're a fundraising pro or new to the challenge events game, this page will be indispensable in ensuring you’re in good shape to support your team.


Challenges Newsletter

Our newsletters are written monthly and will always include a whole bunch of super helpful info, including updates from the Choose a Challenge office, top tips on fundraising or recruitment, and last but not least, our Challenge Leader of the Month!


All in the name of great causes...

With each student raising thousands, there is no doubt that the money raised by groups does a whole world of good. This year, we've established new partnerships with AIDS Orphan Trust and Mind. You can find out more about these charities, and our other charity partners, below.


Resources & Photos

Here you can find all the useful documents and general information ranging from recruitment for your challenge, fundraising aids, and briefing packs for the challenges themselves. Those enrolled on the ILM Programme can find supplementary resources here.


Check out our Ethical Guidelines!

We're very proud to be an ethical tour operator. Read about our sustainable and ethical policies below.


Challenge Leader Blog

We'll be uploading a new blog at least once a month, and a lot more frequently around recruitment season. Keep an eye out here for stories of previous leaders, top tips from experts, and general advice on how to best tackle each stage of the year ahead.



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