Your Booking

How do I change my travel option?

You can change your travel option (add or remove an extension trip or add or remove your flights) by logging in to our registration portal, and then clicking My Bookings > Bookings.

From there, you'll be able to view the bookings you've made, and edit them as you wish. To change your travel option, hit the Edit button on the right-hand side. Options you can change include switching between 'with flights' and 'without flights' options, adding or removing extension trips, and changing your fundraising option.

Please note that once the registration portals are closed to new bookings (24th January 2020 for overseas treks, 16 weeks before departure for marathons and Three Peaks), changing your travel option will incur a fee of £100+ any non-recoverable costs to us. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Can I have a refund?

Your registration fees are refundable if you cancel within our 72 hour cooling off period. This applies to both challenge registration fees and extension trip registration fees. Registration fees are non-refundable in all other circumstances.

If you notify us of your wish to cancel within this 72-hour window, your place will be cancelled and you will receive a refund of your registration fees, no questions asked.

To notify us of your wish to cancel your space, you must fill in our cancellation form. We will also accept cancellation requests within the 72-hour cooling-off period if you have emailed us within this time, but only if within your email you have explicitly requested to cancel your space.

For more details on other circumstances where you may be due a refund, see our Terms & Conditions.

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How do I cancel my booking?

You may cancel your booking at any time before your trip departure date. To do so, you must fill in our cancellation form, to notify us of your desire to cancel.

We process cancellations weekly on Wednesday mornings, so you may still receive comms after you’ve submitted your request. Once your cancellation has been actioned, this will trigger any outstanding payments and you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note that registration fees are non-refundable in all circumstances outside of the cooling off period, so if you choose to cancel your place you will not receive a refund on either your registration fee instalments.

All donations made to your charity are also non-refundable.

How can I update my personal details?

You can update your personal details for your booking by logging in to your registration portal and editing your booking.

On your user dashboard, click My Bookings > Bookings, followed by the green Edit button on the right-hand side. This will take you to your booking editor, where you'll be able to change your personal details.

How do I view/change my booking?

You can log in to your account via our registration system. Click here to log in, and from your user dashboard you'll be able to edit and amend bookings.

Is my money safe?

Yes! If you are on an overseas challenge and select with-flights you will receive an ATOL certificate when you sign up. We are also a member of ABTA and have ABTA bonding, which protects our participants who choose a without-flights option or are doing the Three Peaks, in the unlikely event that we cease trading.

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Where can I find out more about my Challenge?

All the details about your trip, including dates, trip itinerary and all inclusions and exclusions can be found in your Information Pack. You can find the Student Info Pack here.

You will be able to find further information in your Briefing Pack, which you can find in your portal.

Where is my kit list?

Your kit list can be found here. You can also find additional kit information in our blog. Check out our essential kit list, or why not read about what we recommend you wear on a typical day trekking.

Do I need to train to do my challenge?

No, though we do suggest doing a little bit of training pre-departure as this will make your trip more enjoyable. We have training advice both in your Briefing Pack, and also on our blog, where you can read tips from past challenge participants, or our ultimate trek training guide.


your flights & Travel

When will I receive my hotel information?

Your accommodation details will be emailed to you 6 weeks prior to departure.

Where does my challenge begin and end?

Your challenge begins in Glasgow at Glasgow Central Station and ends in Manchester at the Hatters Hostel Hilton Chambers. You will need to make your own way to Glasgow and make your own way home from Manchester.

Do I need my passport?

You may need to bring your passport if you are not a UK citizen, but if you are you are unlikely to need your passport.

Do I need insurance?

You do not need insurance for this trip.


Your Fundraising

Who should I contact for fundraising support?

Though our team all have experience of fundraising for challenges, if you have any questions or difficulties with your fundraising, you should contact your charity directly.

Your charity are the experts when it comes to reaching your fundraising target and will be able to help you by answering any questions that you may have, putting together a fundraising plan with you or offering advice from previous experience.

See the Our Charities page on our website to find out more about your charity.

Do I have to raise my fundraising target if I cancel my space?

If you cancel your booking throughout the year, then you will not be obliged to complete your fundraising target.

What happens if I don’t hit my fundraising target?

If you don’t hit your minimum sponsorship target, you will not be able to travel on your challenge.

If you are worried about hitting your sponsorship target, then you should get in touch with your charity and they will be able to help by giving you tips, fundraising opportunities and 1-to-1 support throughout your fundraising journey.

If you think you might need more time to fundraise, consider deferring your space to the following year, which will give you more time to reach your target. See our Terms for full details on deferral.


How much of my fundraising goes to my charity?

We have a 50:50 policy at Choose a Challenge, meaning that at least 50% of your fundraising target will go directly to your charity and the vital work they do, and never more than 50% will go towards covering your trip costs. 

Each of our overseas treks has three fundraising options, meaning you can choose if you'd like to pay more towards your trip costs in return for a reduction in your fundraising target. The more you pledge to contribute towards your trip costs, the lower your fundraising target will be. For any fundraising you do above and beyond your fundraising target, 100% of this will go directly to your charity.

If you cancel your booking at any point before your place is confirmed by your charity (8 weeks before departure) then 100% of the money you have raised up to that point will go to your charity.

Can I put some of my own money towards my fundraising?

Absolutely. Many of our participants do choose to put some of their own money in to supplement their fundraising.

Remember though, our challenges are designed to be achievable without pledging large sums of your own money. With good time management, these trips are accessible to anyone.

Ethical Travel

Are your challenges ethical?

As the organiser of dozens of trips each year, we have an obligation to ensure that our trips are held to the highest ethical standards. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We constantly review our ethical approach and ensure it is up-to-date and takes account of the changes in practice and legislation in our destination countries.

If you’d like more information please check out our ethics page.

What should I do with my litter?

Our policy is to carry out away all non-biodegradable rubbish. Biodegradable rubbish should be left in the appropriate containers/bags. Please do not leave apple cores and banana skins on the ground. 

Whilst trekking there are may be very few toilets along the route, but please try and use official toilets where possible. If you are caught short then please dispose of any toilet tissues appropriately in containers or bags. 

We are also a member of Travellers Against Plastic (TAP) and encourage all our participants to avoid single-use plastics whilst on our trips.

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How can I help protect local plants and wildlife?

Try not to damage any plants or trees that that you see along the route of your challenge. Any wild animals that you encounter should not be fed or disturbed. 

Staying Safe

Basic tips for staying safe whilst travelling

You should always aim to remain vigilant throughout your trip, even in areas which seem safe. Following these tips will help to reduce the risk of incident or injury during your challenge. 

Who can I contact in case of emergency?

If you have have any emergencies during UK office phone hours (11.30-17:30) then please call our team in the office, on +44 203 773 4140

For emergencies outside of these hours then please call our 24-hour emergency line on +44 208 798 0080. This number is only to be used in genuine emergencies

How can I stay safe during my trek?

Always follow the advice of your guides, they are highly experienced and have been taking part and leading teams on your challenge for many years. 

Take everything nice and slowly. There is plenty of time on each given day to complete the required distance so there is no need to rush as this will tire you out more than necessary and increase the chance of injury or accident. 

If you have any questions or concerns during your trek then please ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and it is much harder to help if any potential issues go unnoticed.

What do you do to ensure that my challenge is safe?

We work closely will all of our partners in-country to ensure that all of your accommodation and transport is of a high standard. 

We also monitor Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice for all of the countries that we operate in to ensure that our information is up to date. You can find up to date travel advice from the FCO here.  

Each of our challenges are comprehensively risk assessed, and we operate a 24-hour emergency line during departures season, so that you know you'll always have someone to call in case of emergency.

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If you have any questions about your trip, please drop us an email at and we’d be more than happy to help.