Nought to Marathon: Organised Races

We're running Paris Marathon to prove that you can go from nothing to marathon runner in less than 5 months. 



Training since Christmas has picked up nicely, with two 10Ks under my belt already, and more (and a half!) lined up over the next few months.

Miraculously, I've also signed myself up to a 10K after Paris Marathon itself - which I've attributed to the fact that, against all odds, I'm actually really beginning to really enjoy all this running malarky.

My first two 10Ks of 2018 - also my first two ever - were relatively slow and steady, but the second was a solid 6 minutes faster than the first, and I had a great time running around Richmond Park, in my first race, and the streets of London in CRUK's London Winter Run after that.

I definitely think there's a lot of merit in taking part in organised races as part of your training. This is especially true from a motivation point of view. I find it so much easier to run alongside other people, with crowds alongside, roadside entertainment and encouragement from volunteers. You also get a nifty medal at the end!

Taking part in competitive organised runs as part of your training is a luxury, and obviously you can't do it for every single run - but what better way to motivate yourself than by taking an enjoyable run, being entertained along the way and getting a sweet medal to remind yourself of your achievement at the finish line?

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I'm so happy to say that my training has been getting even more enjoyable over the last two weeks. I've managed to get a couple of long runs under my belt, including a 10 miler last weekend. I've found I'm enjoying running a lot more, which is making improving my pace easier too. I now look forward to each of my speed runs to compete with my past time. 

I've recently signed up to the Lee Valley VeloPark Half Marathon alongside one of our Bilbao Marathon runners from the 2017 team. I'm excited to put my pace to the test in a race setting. Starting a race at 9am will be a test in itself for me, let alone smashing 13.1 miles and trying to do it in a sub 2-hour time. But I am more motivated than ever to meet this goal, and hopefully will have fab things to report in our #NoughtToMarathon blog next week.

To achieve my speed goal in two weeks time, I'm now upping my strength training to hopefully prep myself for what's to come. I'm also planning on attending a nutrition workshop pretty soon, as a lot of what I've been reading so far seems to point me toward nutrition as the key to get faster. 

If you fancy joining me on the Half Marathon or Nutrition Workshop - get it touch!