Wellness Whilst Travelling

When undertaking any of our treks, it's important to make sure you are properly prepared before your departure, to ensure that you'll be able to get the most out of the experience. Whilst hugely enjoyable and rewarding, trekking can be a little overwhelming and stressful, and the best way to avoid feeling like this is undertaking both mental and physical preparations. Here, we've compiled our top tips of taking care of yourself whilst your trekking, and some ways to mentally prepare for your trek. 

1. Research Your Trek Before You Go 

Thorough research into your trek before you arrive in-country is really important in making sure you feel comfortable throughout your trip. Check out our blog on high altitude trekking, and make sure you research your destination properly so that there are no big surprises when you arrive. 

We have a whole host of blogs on all our destinations, so why not search ‘Machu Picchu’ on our website and take a look at all the articles we’ve got. We’d also suggest reading your Challenge Briefing Pack, which you can find in your portal.

2. Socials

If you've signed up for a trek by yourself you might be feeling nervous about the prospect of going on a trek with a group of near-strangers. Bond with your team before you head off for the trip of a lifetime by attending a couple of the socials your team leader will organise. Getting to know a couple of team members can help you out on the trek, as you'll have friendly faces to turn to if you are struggling. This can be difficult in itself if you are feeling nervous about meeting a big new group for the first time, so maybe speak to your leader and meet them beforehand for a coffee to ease yourself in. Meeting your leader, should put your mind at rest, and they'll be able to keep an eye out on you throughout the trek and help keep you involved. 

3. Don’t Forget Home Comforts

I can’t recommend enough the importance of bringing comfort items with you on your trek. Slipping into your comfiest pyjamas (with appropriate thermals underneath if necessary!) after a long day can really help you relax whilst you’re away. Similarly, having your favourite packet of sweets stashed in your bag so you can grab them when you’re feeling a bit tired can also be a warm reminder of home - whilst you boost your sugar levels too! Or why not also bring a photo of family and friends to look at when the trek gets tough?

4. Stop, Think, Breathe

Arriving in a new environment can be stressful for some people, especially if you have never travelled without your family before. If you're feeling overwhelmed whilst trekking or in-country, it's really important that you let your guides and challenge leader know. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, or need a quiet moment to yourself, just stop, think and breathe. This practice is simple, if you've stopped for a quick break, take yourself slightly off from the group where it's a little bit quieter and sit comfortably. Check in with your emotions, try and think of three things you are feeling, this could be nervousness, tiredness or excitement. Do try and think of at least one positive emotion, if you can. Then take a few moments to really focus on your breathing quietly, whilst staring at the horizon, or focus on something in the distance. After a short while, your negative feelings should slowly start to ebb away, and you should feel a bit better.  If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, do let your challenge leader and your guide know.


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