Your Essential Trekking Kit List!

If you've not done a multi-day trek before, packing for your challenge may be leaving you scratching your head! We've taken some of the hard work out of it by producing a plethora of blogs throughout the years all about kit and equipment. Here, we've compiled them together into a master list! Don't forget to check out your Briefing Pack to find your full kit list!



Your walking boots are arguably the most important piece of kit you'll be taking with you on your trek. You'll be on your feet for several days so you want to make sure you're taking good care of them, and making sure you've got the right boots for you is key! You can check out Walking Boot 101 for all our top boot-purchasing tips!

You'll also need to make sure you've got a few pairs of proper hiking socks to stop your boots from rubbing, and some comfortable sandals or trainers for your evenings in camp so you're not stuck in your boots!



Layers, layers, layers:

All our challenges that are at altitude will have a few days or nights when the temperature really drops. It's really important to make sure that you've got plenty of different layers packed for your trek so that you can add or remove items as the temperature changes. Bringing both a thin micro-fleece and a thicker one is perfect - you can layer them one on top of each other, or just wear one on slightly warmer days.  We also recommend you pack a pair of thermals both for your top and bottom, particularly for our Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp participants. For more tips on layering, have a look at our blog on what Lucy wore on her Kilimanjaro trek!

Typical Day's Trekking Outfit:

For a typical day out trekking, we recommend either gym leggings or trekking trousers,  a technical sports top and your socks and walking boots. You should have a fleece and a waterproof jacket and trousers stashed in your day bag in case the weather changes. Lucy has put together a great blog on What to Wear on a Day's Trek


Trekking Equipment

Your Day Pack:

Your day pack is going to be the bag you'll have with you every day of the trek, so making sure you've got the right essentials and packed it properly are really important! We've covered bag requirements, trekking essentials and how to appropriately pack your day pack here

Sleeping Bag:

There's a huge amount of jargon to wade through when it comes to sleeping bag, and it can baffle even the most experienced trekker! We've debunked it for you in our Sleeping Bag blog. Alternatively, if you are on our Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp or Machu Picchu treks you are able to rent your sleeping bag in-country. If you would like to rent your sleeping bag in either Nepal or Peru, you will need to fill out our rental form.  

Supplementary Equipment

Walking Poles:

Some of us are dedicated fans of a good pair of walking poles (myself included) and we recommend them to all our participants as they can really help keep you comfortable on your trek! Our blog on trekking poles should help answer any questions you've got about them, and hopefully persuade you of their benefits! 

Comfort Items:

Back in December Lucy put together a blog all about those additional items that can make your trip a bit more comfortable, as they make perfect stocking fillers for Christmas! Although we're quite a way from the festive period, it's worth taking a look to remind yourself of those little extras you may want to pick up before your departure!