Marathon Training Day 2018

The deadline to RSVP to Marathon Training Day is this Saturday 2nd June at 5pm.  RSVP here.


Here at Choose a Challenge, we have been busy getting preparations underway for our first ever Marathon Training Day.

On Friday 8th June, our runners will be heading to Lee Valley Athletics Centre for a day of fun-filled workshops, workouts and freebies. If you're keen to learn everything there is to know about marathon training, RSVP before 5pm on Saturday 2nd June and come along!

Lucy will begin the day with a workshop on motivation in marathon training, telling us all about her and Sam's recent #NoughtToMarathon Journey. You may have seen them blogging about over the last few months - if you missed it, take a look!



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Before Lunch, we'll be making use of the venue's indoor track for a quick training session, so be sure to bring your running gear.

Don't worry - we're not planning anything too strenuous or sweaty! The main focus of our track session will be getting you into good pacing habits, and exploring the different ways that we can train. As well as training hard, it's important that you know how to train smart to hit your marathon goals, and we're going to help get you started. 

After a break for lunch (and a shower if you need it!), we will be heading back to the meeting room to hear from our first guest speaker: Laura Murray.

Laura is a keen runner and blogger, and has just returned from the Sierra Leone Street Child marathon. She will be sharing her story: how she went from a struggling 5km charity runner, to a 5 x marathon runner with a PB of 3:36. She will share her top tips for beginners, and how she fits training around her busy working life as a lawyer. 



Our second speaker, Jack Knowles, is a fully qualified physiotherapist, as well as a keen runner and triathlete. He also ran the Budapest Marathon with us back in 2016!

We're really excited to welcome Jack back into the Choose a Challenge family. He'll be sharing his expert knowledge of injury prevention and recovery specifically for runners, giving exercise demonstrations and teaching you how to protect your body from the strain of marathon training.

We will wrap up the day by handing out our freebie bags, packed with handy running goodies, and heading for a few drinks. Here's to you - our amazing marathon runners!

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