The best podcasts for your long runs

Tired of listening to the same running playlist on repeat as you head out on your long runs? Why don't you change it up and try listening to some podcasts! Here are a couple of favourites from CACH HQ; what do you guys like to listen to whilst you run?


My Dad Wrote a Porno

It's all in the name! In this hilarious podcast, Jamie Morton sits down with his two best friends and reads aloud from his dad's book, Belinda Blinked.  With three series' in the back catalogue, there is plenty to keep you going on longer runs, and knowing you're going to laugh the whole way around your route is definitely motivation to head out! 


Reasons to be Cheerful

Find yourself getting bored on long runs? Need something to occupy your mind? In this uplifting podcast, ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd share their reasons to be cheerful. Each episode focuses on a different political idea - big, wacky ideas to get you thinking outside the box, and counting your blessings for the simple things in life.

Desert Island Discs

A true classic, Desert Island Discs has got me through many a dire situation. Each week, a new guest is 'castaway' to a desert island and must select 8 recordings to take with them. Kirsty Young and her guests are the perfect companions for a long run, with a huge range of individuals being interviewed, from David Beckham to Nicola Sturgeon. This is a great one to start with if you're just breaking into podcasts, as the interviews are broken up with excerpts from the guests' chosen songs. The show was first produced in 1942, with a vast amount of the back catalogue available online.

Run, Selfie, Repeat

Kelly Roberts rose to online infamy through her Run, Selfie, Repeat blog and Instagram. In February 2017 she started putting out a 15 minute daily podcast, where she discusses 'life, with a side of running'. There are plenty of inspirational anecdotes about running that will keep you going well past the 10 mile mark. 

Run Selfie Repeat.png

Ways to Change the World

In Ways to Change the World,  Krishnan Guru-Murthy interviews important activists and thinkers, asking them hard-hitting questions about what they suggest are the best ways to make the world a better place. Some of the guests have genuinely made a huge impact on society and on the planet, and the topics they cover - including feminism, activism, human rights and more - will have you interested, entertained and inspired throughout your run!


You may have heard of James O'Brien before - he's a presenter and host on LBC radio and he rocketed to fame after some hard-hitting interviews and phone-ins on his morning radio show - especially on the topic of the Brexit referendum. Unfiltered is slightly different and sees him at his journalistic best, bringing on guests as wide-ranging as Lily Allen, Akala, Nick Clegg, Mark Hamill and Gary Lineker. O'Brien invites the guests to talk 'unfiltered' about all the things they wouldn't be able to discuss on broadcast radio - from their childhood, to their professional careers and activism, to quirky and unexpected revelations from their lives.

News Roast

This current affairs podcast is super interesting, and when each episode is over an hour long, it's great for long runs in the later stages of your training! The format is simple: hosts Jolyon Rubenstein and Hayden Prowse (writers of The Revolution will be Televised) invite celebrities and famous figures to have 'three courses of conversation' - a metaphorical three-course meal where each course is an engaging current topic. The format is brilliant, the guests are interesting and the topics are gripping - just what you need to help smash those longer runs!