Introducing Our 2019 Partners: AIDS Orphan


We're really excited to announce a brand new partnership for our 2019 challenges season - AiDS Orphan.

This means that if you take on one of our challenges next year, you will have the opportunity to support this amazing cause while doing it.



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HIV is the world's leading infectious killer, leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake. For years, AiDS Orphan have worked tirelessly to provide the necessary support to children and infants affected by HIV/AIDS across the world, enabling access to life-saving treatment, education and counselling.

At AIDS Orphan they believe every child orphaned by AIDS deserves love and protection as well as a decent chance in life. Their mission is to empower children whose lives have been affected by this horrible disease and give them the opportunity to make a better life for themselves.



Meet Your Charity Rep

Meet Ellie, your charity rep from AiDS Orphan!

Ellie is going to be helping support any fantastic participants who sign up to support this incredible cause so here's what she had to say about her experience so far:

"Before I started uni, I completed an Everest Base Camp challenge which gave me the trekking bug! I  then started working with RAG as a challenge participant on the Exeter Kili trip back in my first year.. This motivated me to become a challenge leader in my second year on the Morocco Atlas Mountains trek. After completing my third year abroad in Canada I became one of the RAG challenge execs for my final year and also became a participant for the EAP Uganda gorilla trek this coming August. After working with RAG for 4 years I knew without a doubt I wanted a career in the charity sector to help motivate other students to take up charitable challenges around the world. Working for Aids Orphan is like a dream come true as this not only allows me to do this but I also specialised my dissertation on HIV so I didn't have to completely abandon my love for biology either and contributing to the on going work eradicating this epidemic."


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We're really excited to have Aids Orphan on board as a charity partner, and we hope you'll consider supporting them by joining a challenge in 2019!

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