What to Wear to the Airport


As you start packing and prepping for your trek, one thing tends to get overlooked in this lengthy process… what you’ll actually wear to the airport the day you leave! Don’t be stuck wondering what to wear and avoid common hassles you’ll encounter by not taking these few tips into account before heading out the door.

  1. Wear your boots

    • This is super important because in the unfortunate chance you pack your boots in a bag that gets lost by the airline, you won't have them to wear potentially to start your trek. So definitely make sure to wear them to the airport to be safe.
    • Try not to lace them up super tight because with any flight you'll be required to take them off while going through security. PLUS they're bulky which leads me to my next point...
  2. Wear bulky items that may be hard to pack

    • Having a hard time fitting an article of clothing into your bag? Try wearing it to the airport to make room for smaller or easier to pack items if possible. 
  3. BUT ALSO try to find that happy medium to where you're still comfortable

    • SPOILER ALERT: it's going to be a lengthy flight so balancing the right amount of comfortable clothing items with a potentially bulky item of clothing like your boots should be planned out ahead of time to make sure you're as comfortable as possible. You'll thank yourself later and you can always take things like your boots off on the flight as well to relax for a bit
  4. Easy access to important documents

    • Wear something that can give you quick & easy to all your important documents. This includes your passport, wallet, phone, visa (if required for your trip) and boarding pass once you get it. Keeping these in zippered pockets is ideal because you CAN'T lose these types of documents. You should think to yourself, "What will I need in the next 24-36 hours", and have those important things on you.

  5. Light Microfleece

    • Depending on where your trip takes you it might be a completely different climate where you get off. Don't do what I did on my first winter break trip from New York City to Miami and wear your winter jacket over a sweatshirt and get stuck in Miami dying from the heat☀️💀. This is why I recommend brining a nice microfleece or jacket that you can easily take off and wrap around your waist if need be. This also comes in handy on the mountain inside your daypack for constantly changing temperatures as well.