Tanzania: Safari & Zanzibar

Our Kilimanjaro trek extension offers you not one, but two, phenomenal opportunities; to visit a world renowned safari park, and also take a break on the luscious beaches of Zanzibar.

Sound incredible? It is. Sign-up details at the bottom of the page!



This option allows you to experience the majesty of Tanzanian wildlife & relax on golden beaches of the paradise island of Zanzibar.

You'll first embark on a 2-day Safari in Africa's most beautiful National Parks, seeking out the Big Five and trying to catch sight of plenty more of Africa’s incredible wildlife at their watering hole at the Ngorongoro Crater.

8 Days (inc. 2-Day Safari, 5 nights in Zanzibar)

Reg. fee: £95

Balance payment: £775

I thought hanging out of a Jeep sun roof, metres away from baby elephants, while listening to the Lion King was a thing of dreams - until it happened on our Safari!
— Emma, University of Nottingham



After your incredible safari, you will then transfer over to the island paradise of Zanzibar, where you can expect glorious sunsets and beachside cocktails. Optional activities in Zanzibar include snorkelling, swimming with turtles, sunset cruises and water sports.

The weather was amazing - it looked like you could have pulled the picture from Google images, but Zanzibar really was that beautiful!
— Hannah, University of Nottingham


If you'd like to add our Safari & Zanzibar extension trip to your Kilimanjaro booking,  please log back into your portal and amend your booking. If you’re having trouble, drop us an email at team@chooseachallenge.com