Preparing for the 3 Peaks

Jack Peters, Warwick RAG

Book a hotel the night before:
I live quite far away and I took a train in that left at about 5 am, so I was pretty tired by the end of the challenge. Try and organize a cheap hostel or hotel in a group of challengers.

Walking poles: 
They are a great idea for coming down the mountains as it can be tough on the knees.

A good pair of walking boots that are broken in, a good waterproof coat, hiking rucksack and head torch are essential.

Lots of snacks including fruit nuts and sweets are a good idea!

The guides set a fast pace so that you can complete the challenge in under 24 hours, the longer you stay at the pace the easier it gets as you get used to it, so don’t be too worried if you think that it’s quite fast when you start. 

Between the mountains:
 Try and relax and maybe get some sleep in between the mountains as it will really help. Make sure that you stretch off well before getting into the transport to the next mountain, I made this crucial error and got pretty bad cramp before walking up the last mountain.

Most importantly, enjoy the challenge of trying to complete all three mountains in under 24 hours and take in the beautiful scenery along the way!

Pat Lavery, Warwick RAG

Walking Boots:
I would say the most important thing is to have good quality boots. Having a sturdy, waterproof pair that are properly worn-in can make the whole experience so much more comfortable and achievable. Jay says that you should bring newspapers to dry your boots out in-between walking too.

I’d also recommend taking a supply of high-energy snacks (Haribo) to keep yourself going as it is obviously stretched over 24 hours.

Aled Burd, Exeter RAG

 Make sure your coat is waterproof. It may look waterproof but if it does not have the waterproof badge on it, it’s not. With the weather being so variable on the mountains it is key that you make sure it is.

Between Peaks:
Make sure you bring comfortable clothes and a pillow for the bus. It is vitally important that you sleep between peaks. Flip flops are great. Following 6 hours in walking boots, your feet will appreciate some fresh air!

Bring plenty of little snacks for each peak. Things like jelly babies, wine gums and nuts are great and splitting them into three bags is handy for each mountain.

Don’t attempt to walk up the first mountain too fast. It’s important to pace yourself making sure you’re able to complete all three rather than walking up the first one in a fast time.

Don’t wear too many layers at the beginning. You will very quickly warm up when you start to walk and it simply adds additional weight to your bag.