Tips From Previous Challengers Pt. 2


Laura Carlin, University of Kent, Kilimanjaro 2016

On training.. 
“I ran for training to allow myself to just be healthy in general, but I did the majority of my running either early morning or late night so I was used to being tired already before running. This created more of a challenge and it helped on the trip because I felt strong and healthy enough for it.”

On kit.. 
“I would definitely say don’t go cheap with waterproof and windproof trousers for the summit night.”


Beth Brooks, University of Exeter, Morrocco 2016

On kit.. 
“I would definitely recommend a pack of playing cards for sure, they were so useful for filling gaps in time and just generally getting chatting to new people on the team and raising morale!”

On snacks and first aid kit.. 
“I would also say plenty of snacks and diorite are an absolute must! After a long day having a dioralytre made me feel like a new person!!”


Charlie Trumper, University of Nottingham, Kilimanjaro 2016

On kit… 
“I guess the obvious things but are still very important are a decent coat and good gloves as your hands get freezing on the final ascent.”

On snacks… 
“I was pretty hungry a lot of the time so loads of lightweight but filling snacks, as well as all the energy type things would’ve been good!”

On extras.. 
“I didn’t bring a camera because I was worried about weight and space but I wish I had because the views are incredible.”


Liam Baldock, University of Bournemouth, Kilimanjaro 2016

On the trek.. 
“One of the best things you can do is immerse yourself with the porters and get chatting to as many of them as soon as you can. Whilst you only climb Kilimanjaro once, they climb it sometimes weekly, so they have so many stories, songs, and tips that will get you to the top with more ease than you’d think! Also, it’s a great way to say that you’ve embraced some Tanzanian culture as they have some extensive knowledge of the food, religion, and history. They’re some of the most interesting, and fun, people you’ll ever meet”

David Whitehead, FXU RAD, Kilimanjaro & Everest Base Camp


On training..
“I would say, don’t skimp on training it’ll pay off later on, and get used to carrying a fairly heavy rucksack for several hours”

On extras.. 
“Travel pillows are a saving grace, take plenty of cereal bars/high energy foods they’ll get you through the days between your large meals, don’t skimp on imodium it is an absolute essential and always sign up for the extra trips”

On kit.. 
“Only pack the bare essentials, it’s annoying and a waste of space if you over pack.”

Calum Coker, Carnival RAG, Machu Picchu & Kilimanjaro


On Extras..`
"Make sure you bring enough clothes to relax in before and after the trek, I made the mistake of basically only having trekking stuff for kili and hanging around the hotel in that wasn’t very comfortable."

On Peru.. 
“Don’t underestimate Peru, although it is South America, it can be extremely cold in the mornings and at night.”