What to expect in Tanzania

Tanzania has got to be my favourite place in the whole world. Having visited the beautiful country twice, once in 2014 to conquer Kilimanjaro itself and the second time just last year (2016) to look after 350 of Choose a Challenge’s lucky participants taking on the mountain too, it really has stolen my heart and I’m sure the hearts of many other students too.

I can’t quite work out what I love the most, whether it be the people who have the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met, the amazing variety of things to do (safari, trekking, beach days in Zanzibar) or just the incredible view everywhere you go of the world’s largest free-standing mountain. I’ve listed below some of my favourite things about this beautiful place, and I hope you get to experience them too.

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You’ll arrive in Moshi very early morning and head straight to Springlands on a private transfer. They’ve just re-done the road, so hopefully you won’t have too much of a bumpy journey and you’ll arrive to have a swift check-in and settle into your rooms for the next two nights.

The rooms in Springlands are basic, usually a 3-6 person share, but this will vary on your particular group. The staff here work hard to ensure you are having the best possible time, at all times, the grounds, rooms, and communal areas are kept clean, neat and beautiful.. not to mention the pool too!

You’ll wake up in Springlands and it’ll feel like waking up in paradise, the grounds are small but stunning, very green and plenty of place to sit in the sun or shade dependent on your preferences. You’ll waltz over to the dining area and get served by the lovely staff who will do their best to teach you as much Swahili as you can absorb and even provide a birthday cake for those lucky enough to be celebrating their birthdays there too.

Food itself was delicious in Springlands, if you’re a meat-eater you will get the chance to taste the BEST chicken you have ever tasted. Every meal is served up as a buffet-style with plenty of options, I’ve put together a couple of examples of typical foods below:

Breakfast: eggs (these can be made especially for you, and you can choose how you would like them), toast, sausage, beans. I bought along my own peanut butter for the month I spent in-country as it was my little luxury that made breakfasts even better!

Lunch & Dinner (very similar): Chicken, Pizza (featuring questionable toppings such as avocado or scrambled egg), rice, pasta, cake. (Of course they feature lots of vegetarian options too)

As well as the delicious food, Springlands also have a well-stocked bar so you can enjoy a cold Kilimanjaro beer, coke or any other drink of your choice. I recommend asking Georgina to make you one of her special Mochas, they are soo good and definitely perfect after a long day (or when you return to the hotel after your trek).


During your time in Springlands, you’ll have the chance to go out and explore the local area too. The amazing guides, Victor, Rasheed and Jackson will first take you to visit the Zara Charity shop. All profits this shop makes goes directly to the projects Zara Charity supports, so souvenirs are well-worth purchasing here so that you can not only look good in those elephant pants, but also feel good for supporting local communities too.

Moshi town itself is full to the brim with things to see. The first place you’ll probably visit is the busy market stalls, complete with piles of shoes, bags and plenty of other bits. You’ll have a chance to have a look around and purchase anything you may wish to. After you’ve had a little explore here, the guides will be able to take your group to get anything you may need, done. Whether that be heading to a cashpoint to get money out, heading to a supermarket to pick-up last minute snacks or finding that specific souvenir you are after to give to you Mum, Nan or Uncle’s Dog.

The country is really like no other, and I’m sure all of our participants will leave with the same view.

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