Recruitment: Following-up

And for our last blog for recruitment (but certainly not least): how to follow-up your information meeting sessions like a pro! This blog will entail how to best yield those final sign-ups through tested and proven methods, to form a team you can be proud of.

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Generic Follow-up Checklist

If all of the below is completed, you will be in good shape for a healthy team!

1. Attend Information Evening/Meeting and hang around afterwards to answer any questions.

2. Write a generic ‘are you still interested? If so, I’m here to answer any questions’ message and send this to everyone that clicked interested/going on the Facebook event for your information evening. Make sure you don’t message people who’ve already signed up.

3. Add your participants on Facebook/Other social media. Send them an initial ‘hi’ message; welcome them to the team, explain who you are, and give them details for the welcome meeting.

4. Arrange a drop-in session for you to answer any questions people may have about the challenge or charity. Advertise it on the Facebook event page. Be sure to plan the location of the drop-in session to be accessible and well-known. Don’t feel like you need to book a room, when a lot of the time people will prefer talking through the challenge with a coffee!

5. Post on your personal Facebook page and your RAG (if applicable) Facebook page with a daily countdown until the sign-up deadline.

6. Set up a Facebook group for the challenge (your charity may do this for you), and add all your participants to the group.

7. Make your first post in the Facebook group; post any key dates you’re aware of at the moment. Try and get a social organised for the day of the welcome meeting.

8. Attend your Welcome Meeting. Distribute fundraising materials and get to know your team with a post-meeting social!

From us…

We will, dependent on capacity, be able to support your follow-up through a few beneficial means.

  1. We will send a follow-up email in the days following the information meeting to all those who attended.

  2. We will send a text alert, as above, to those who attended.

  3. We will send one or two more follow-up emails to those who did and didn’t attend the information meeting, to ensure all bases are covered and all potential participants have all the information they need!

Follow-up is an absolutely vital part of recruitment - if we can smash this, we can enjoy the rest of the year with a team we can be proud of. Best of luck everyone!

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