Food in Tanzania

The dining tent holds some of my fondest memories of my Kilimanjaro trek; there is no greater feeling than kicking off your walking boots and sinking into a chair after a long day of trekking! On top of that, the food you'll eat never fails to impress - the quality of the meals that the cooks can prepare at over 4,000m is truly amazing.  Here are some of my favourite foodie memories from my Kilimanjaro trek in 2015!




After a long days trekking, everyone is pretty hungry and heads straight for the dining tent. Whilst you're bonding with the rest of the team and swapping stories about the day, the porters bring over great big bowls of popcorn to snack on whilst they prepare your dinner. Whilst you're at breakfast you're also treated to packets of nuts whilst you wait for the main breakfast to be served. Having these little snacks are also great as you gain altitude; if you feel your appetite start to wane, starting off eating little snacks can be a good way to get your body ready for the big meal you will need in order to keep trekking. 


Everybody knows that the British love tea, and thankfully you won't have to forego this home comfort on your trek! Whilst you're relaxing with the team in the dining tent after dinner you can enjoy some of the local tea, Chai Bora. There's lots of sweet powdered milk  and sugar you can add, or you can drink it the way I like to, black with lots of honey! There's also plenty of coffee, and also Milo, for those of you wanting a sweet treat. Milo is an Australian hot chocolate, and is the perfect way to get yourself relaxed and ready to go to bed nice and early for another day of trekking in the morning! 


One of my absolute favourite parts about being in Tanzania is the bananas! The bananas on your Kilimanjaro trek come from the side of the mountain itself, which makes them taste particularly delicious. They're also unique as they're very small, which makes them nice and sweet. You'll have bananas for both breakfast and lunch, and possibly after dinner if you're lucky! A Tanzanian speciality is bananas fried with sugar, which make an excellent celebratory dessert after you've summited!



On all our treks, the chefs and porters make sure you are extremely well fed, with huge dinner portions and lunches packed to the brim with fruit, cake, sandwiches and bags of plantain chips or popcorn. One particularly amazing part of the meals is the soup you have as a starter before every dinner. The soup is different  almost every day, and the onion soup I had after the first day of trekking was so delicious that a member of my team got the recipe! You'll particularly appreciate a bowl of nice warm soup as you ascend up the mountain and it gets colder.

Chicken and Chips

One of the staple meals of our Kilimanjaro treks is chicken and chips night! Having such a delicious and homely meal at the end of a long day of trekking is the perfect way to recharge. Having comfort food whilst you're on the mountain can also lift your spirits if you've had a particularly tough day out trekking. 



Flaky, crispy flatbreads; chapatis are a staple of Tanzanian cooking, and also of our Kilimanjaro trek! They're perfect for mopping up your soup with dinner, or treated like a pancake and drenched in honey and eaten with bananas at breakfast. Tanzanian chapatis are a little different from their Indian cousins, as they aren't cooked with ghee, but they are equally delicious, and very versatile!