Mental Health Awareness Week

To mark #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek this year, our team have been posting their top tips for mental wellbeing and stress-management over on our Facebook page. We know that exam season at university can be a huge challenge in itself, so we've compiled all our tips here - hopefully you find them useful! If your mental health is really suffering, please do seek professional support or visit your GP.  


"I've found writing down my thoughts, worries and tasks I need to do really helps me to look after my own mental wellbeing, as it helps me to feel less overwhelmed when there are lots of things going on. Try writing a list of things you need to do, whether it be buying the kit for your trek, organising your visa or getting an essay done. Writing it down helps to clear worries from your mind, and get things organised and prioritised!"


"Whenever I've had a tough day or am feeling a bit overwhelmed, I go for a run. It's common knowledge that exercise releases endorphins (or 'happy hormones') and researchers are increasingly pointing to exercise as a key method of looking after your mental wellbeing. But putting all the science stuff aside - I find that simply spending some time by myself outdoors is a great way to process my thoughts and reflect on the day. Completing a run also gives me a real sense of achievement which helps me to feel good about myself, particularly if I feel that I'm struggling or overstretched in other areas of my life. While running isn't for everyone, getting some form of exercise, even if it's just going for a short walk, is a really great way to clear your mind and I would highly recommend giving it a go!"

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"When you're feeling stressed out or low it is easy to bottle up your feelings out of fear of how other people will react. It is so important to be honest about how you feel with people around you - a problem shared is a problem halved! Although being open with people can be really scary, I've found that I always feel better after having a good chat with a friend; whether they're giving you advice or just lending an ear so you can vent! Especially during exam season when everybody is going mad under pressure, chatting to your friends and family about how you're feeling can be a real stress-buster!"


"I find that getting away from technology is a vital way to destress. Turning off your devices, looking away from your screens, going for a walk outside in the real world and breathing in nature can do wonders for resetting an overworked mind."

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