Further Information for Childreach Participants

If you are a participant on a Childreach International trip this year, please read the following carefully to see how you could participate in one of our treks as a replacement for your trip which was affected by the ceasing of operations of Childreach International and Rare Adventures.


We saw the awful news that Childreach International have ceased operations, closely followed by their partner tour operator Rare Adventures. This has left hundreds of participants unsure what is happening to their booked challenge this summer. Over the past few days we have been contacted by Childreach International participants, partner RAGs and Challenge Leaders who are looking to continue their journey to Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or EBC.

Set up back in 2006, Choose a Challenge is the market leader when it comes to offering once-in-a-lifetime challenge events for university students. By joining a Choose a Challenge event participants will be signing up alongside hundreds of like minded students from the UK and US ready to take on a once in a lifetime challenge, fundraising to make the world a better place. Choose a Challenge are the preferred supplier for a range of national and international charities within the student market, they are also members of ABTA (Y6303) their challenges are fully ATOL (10210) protected.

This means that every aspect of our challenges is backed up by the Civil Aviation Authority from registration fees, to flights, to extension trips. By registering for a challenge with Choose a Challenge students can rest assured that we will make all of the necessary arrangements for the challenge to run as smoothly as possible whilst providing full financial protection for peace of mind.

We have been working hard with our partner ground handlers and airline partners to negotiate special rates. We’re happy to announce that from this afternoon we will be able to offer the following options for affected participants.

We have been able to offer a discount of £45.00 off of the registration of our Kilimanjaro challenge and £90.00 off of the registration for our Machu Picchu and Everest Base Camp challenges as well as a self-funded travel option. This means we will be able to offer the following options to affected participants:









Reg. fee: £350.00

Balance Payment: £1,690.00

Reg. fee: £350.00

Fundraise: £3,380.00



Machu Picchu

Reg. Fee: £300.00

Balance Payment: £1,570.00

Reg. Fee: £300.00

Fundraise: £3,140.00



Everest Base Camp

Reg. fee: £300.00

Balance Payment: £1,470.00

Reg. fee: £300.00

Fundraise: £2,940.00


These options mean that those who wish to continue to go down the fundraising route can still do so. Alternatively, if a student would like to cover the cost of the challenge themselves and set their own target on top of this they will also be able to do so (although there will be no compulsory target for the self-funding options).

Participants may choose to sign up for any of our current trekking charity partners, including:

  • Action Against Hunger

  • Hope for Children

  • Meningitis Research Foundation

  • The Children’s Society

Here at Choose a Challenge alongside our Charity Partners, we believe that it is incredibly important to maintain transparency with our figures and ensure that as much money as possible goes towards the supported causes.



With the fundraising option above, no more than 50% of a participant's fundraising efforts will ever go towards covering the costs of the trip and by taking on the self-funding option, 100% of any funds raised by a participant will go through to the charity that they choose to support.


If you are a Childreach International participant for Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Everest Base Camp and would like to join on to one of our trips as a result of the ceasing of operations at Childreach, please fill in the form.

Once you've completed the form, our team will be in touch shortly.

The deadline to complete the form is 9am on Friday 23rd February. 

If you would like any more information, you can reach us at team@chooseachallenge.com or 0203 773 4140.

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Note that you will be re-registering on the equivalent Choose a Challenge trip.
This should be found in the email you received from Childreach International regarding the option to move over to Choose a Challenge.