Asics Training Plans

For those of you who are after some more sophisticated, in-depth training plans for the run-up to your marathon, we've compiled some fantastic marathon training plans from Asics.

These training plans are designed to help you achieve a specific time in your marathon itself. They are bespoke plans to help you achieve a race time of "sub-" a certain time.


If you’d consider yourself a beginner, but you want to do more than simply finish the race, the sub 5 hour plan is for you. It’s a challenge, without requiring too much previous experience or natural running ability.


If you're a little bit more experienced, or a little more ambitious, start here - with the Sub-4:30 plan.


At Sub-4:00, we are getting much more advanced. If you're feeling pretty confident, this is the plan for you. 


Again, Sub-3:30 is becoming increasingly advanced. These will be longer, faster runs throughout the plan.


Finally, the Sub-3:00 plan is for our most elite runners. Only take on this plan if you're an experienced runner.


If you have any problems, either accessing or working toward the Asics marathon training plans, please feel free to let us know