The Best Running Apps for Every Type of Runner

Running apps these days can do it all: track your progress, manage your goals and even share your running journey with your friends. We've reviewed and compared some of the most popular apps out there to help you choose the right app for you.



Best for Team Players


Pros: Strava is designed to be a social running app. You can follow other runners, join challenges and create teams, making it by far the best app for building team spirit - and a little healthy competition! If you run regular routes, Strava will also automatically compare them so that you can accurately track your route-specific progress. It can also sync with a number of popular running watch brands such as Garmin, FitBit and Samsung. 

Cons: Some features which are common in the free versions of other running apps, such as goal setting and annual progress stats, are only available in the paid version of Strava. 


Best for Stat Lovers

Pros:  Run Keeper shows weekly, monthly and yearly progress stats, including miles run, calories burned, and elevation gained. You can also sync iTunes and Spotify playlists to listen while you run, and track your treadmill runs using the stopwatch feature. 

Cons:  RunKeeper's GPS isn't quite as accurate as its nearest competitors, so not great for those who like to run off the beaten track. 


Best for Planners


Pros: If you're unsure how to even start making a training plan, try MyAsics. It has a really useful tool which creates a custom training plan for any race based on your goals, what you can currently run, and how frequently you can fit running into your life. It will also give you an estimated finish time - really handy if you're unsure what a realistic goal would be.

Cons: While it's great for creating a training plan, the run recording features don't live up to the likes of other apps. It's also not as intuitive to use, and isn't very smart looking. But you can always use MyAsics to create a training plan, and another app for tracking. 

Nike+ Run Club

Best for Stylish Runners

Pros: Nike+ has always been one of the more stylish running apps, and is very user friendly. Its coaching feature is also little more diverse than other apps, with so many different guest coaches and workouts you can download, it's like having a PT in your pocket! Like RunKeeper, you can integrate your playlists and, if you are someone who likes to listen to music during a run, it's definitely worth checking out the Nike Running Playlist on Spotify.

Cons: Unsurprisingly, Nike use their app to advertise their products, meaning your personal feed is filled with the latest overpriced trainers and gadget watches. Unlike Strava, their voice prompt feature gives average pace as opposed to the previous mile or kilometre, which works well for steady runs but isn't great for interval or progression runs. 


Best for Explorers


Pros: MapMyRun is useful if you like to mix up your routes or often run in different places. It has a handy route planner which you can use to create your own routes, as well as a route finder so you steal routes from other runners. You can then use the app to follow your planned route whilst out running - and make sure you don't get lost! 

Cons: MapMyRun lacks many other features found in most running apps, and the app isn't particularly stylish or user friendly. 

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